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Brian T Shirley
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Giving is Better Than Receiving. Really!

I wrote this for The Weekly Telegram a week or so before Christmas, but I still think it's timely!

                                  Giving is Better Than Receiving. Really!
I've always been interested and sometimes aggravated by "Words of Wisdom" or "Wise Sayings" since I was a young boy. Sometimes I did not understand them and a lot of the time I made fun of them. I have plenty of proof to the latter claim of poking fun at proverbs. That proof comes in the form of my first two comedy books "Make Love Not Warts" and "Four Score and Seven Beers Ago...". These books have about 400 proverbs and silly sayings I've come up with over the years.
 Life has a way of teaching you things whether you want to learn them or not. People try to teach each other in many ways, such as proverbs, but sometimes those sayings are not understood until a life experience shows us the way. Many of the sayings I have made fun of I now understand all to well. Now I look at these words of wisdom a lot differently. I can still make fun of them, maybe even more than before because the life lesson or lessons that reinforce the meaning. Wisdom does not come easy or cheap if it does come at all.
I don't know when I first really understood the real meaning of the phrase "It's Better to Give Than Receive.". I think it was when I realized that by making people laugh I was giving out the God given gift I had received. I really do enjoy seeing or hearing someone laugh at something I wrote or said. There's no way for me to describe the feeling. I thinks it's the same as when someone cooks a meal and watches people eat the food. Or when someone builds something with their hands and presents it to a friend or family member as a gift.
 I really enjoy this time of year when I have the money to get people presents. When I'm struggling financially, this can be the worst season. This year I'll give what I can and be thankful for that. I don't have children myself, but I do have nephews and that's the best. I love seeing their faces when they open what I've brought them. These are the times it really is better to give than receive and when the meaning of the words take root and grow!!
There are all kinds of ways and presents one can give if you really look hard enough. If you are struggling like a lot of us are, there's still things you can give. Your time, your attention and kind words. I also believe this can be done year round. Every year I hear folks say "I wish it could be like this all year." First we should enjoy the time people are kind to one another and then worry about stretching it beyond the Holidays. Let's be in the Holiday mood more than we have ever been and keep stretching out the time until we go back to letting life control our outlook. Then, maybe one day, we'll stretch that time we are full of joy to all year long. Truth Be Told, the Holiday Spirit is always inside us, we just forget to keep bringing it out!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tis the Season to be Politically Incorrect

Happy Holidays and have a very Merry Christmas!!

                                      Tis the Season to be...Politically Incorrect!!!
Here's wishing everyone of any or no religion a Happy Holiday Season!! Merry CHRISTmas!!
I hope I did not offend anyone by writing Merry Christmas, but if I did, OH WELL!! Here's what really burns me up about the whole "Political Correctness" thing, especially during the Holidays. This "movement", which is more of a B.M. (That's a different kind of movement) ,is supposed to be about tolerance and peoples feelings. That's fine, but PC (PC= Political Correctness), is only tolerant  to certain religions and certain groups of people. This charade, PC that is, should be put by the waste side. It has no place in a Free society. It is the bastion of Socialistic Ideals and hypocritical "Do as I say and not as I do" elitist propaganda. How can anyone in their correct mind say that Nativity Scenes at a Public School is offensive, but Muslims who block traffic by praying in the streets is perfectly fine?
PC is not open minded by the way. This mindset is not tolerant!. I've written this before and I'll write it again. If you are only tolerant of people who you agree with or whom you share a similar ideology you are not tolerant!!!! This is why PC is a LIE! I have a radio show called The BTS Radio Show where I play music, comedy clips and interview entertainment professional from across the spectrum. (No, this is not a plug). I have folks on from all across the political spectrum, some of who I don't agree with, but I don't  or I try not to, discuss politics on the show. Sometimes something political is talked about, but it's impossible not to. Even though I have people on that I don't agree with politically, I do not treat these people any different than anyone else and they get as much air time as everyone else. That's practicing TOLERANCE!!! PC does not do this. PC seeks to SILENCE the people that it deems incorrect politically. This is dangerous.
 I sent some online Christmas cards out recently. Most people said "Thanks", some people sent one back and I got a different response from one person. This person wrote that they did not celebrate Christmas, but thanks for the warm wishes. There's a person that I can respect. We need more folks like that on Earth, it would be a better, more tolerant planet. People who complain that a elementary school play during the Holiday Season can not mention "Jesus" are the scum at the bottom of a radioactive waste barrel! In other words, when the Earth takes a crap, here's what's produced. This is where my tolerance ends, I have no tolerance for people who are intolerant themselves. We should ignore these idiots and hope their family fails. You can hide behind the "Separation of Church & State"  phase all you want. These are children we're talking about, let's quit taking away their childhood and let them pretend. Let them sing "Jesus Loves Me", let them pray and let them play, before they grow up to face this PC BS.
 I know, I don't sound like a good "Turn the other cheek" type of Christian. I've never said I was perfect and this is the truth I feel. This is the truth I write, I don't hold back. I see the hypocrisy and it makes me ill. This year I'm not staying silent. If I read any reports about these idiots trying to ruin Christmas, I will do my best to reach out to them and let them know exactly how I feel in very plain words. Truth Be Told, people who are offended during this season of Peace, Love & Joy will never know any of those things themselves.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Diversity isn't all that diverse!

Can people be forced to accept behavior or cultural differences they strongly disapprove of? Should we force changes on a majority of the society according to the ideology of a few? How can folks who only see things from their perspective consider themselves qualified to talk about diversity?

                                               Diversity Isn't All That Diverse!
I'm really struck by how hypocritical some people and some ideologies are. The biggest example are the people who profess to be " Open Mined" or "Accepting" while they look down their noses at people who they deem to be close minded. How can they not see the obvious double standard? I've wrote it before and I'll write it again, being open mined to people who agree with you does not make you open minded!  If you think you're better that ANYONE else then there's no way you can consider yourself "Open-minded", you're a Narcissist!
 Then came DIVERSITY! Here's a big buzz word, diversity, we must be diverse. Wow, I've seen the hypocrisy this mindset brings first hand. When we try as a society to engineer racial diversity and cohesiveness we will always fail, it must happen naturally. Case in point is a Christmas show I had the pleasure of being the entertainment for over the weekend. I had to DJ this event for 5 hours. I was told by the booker to play Christmas music for the first hour and then mix it up from then on. First off, I met with my contacts, who turned out to be a lady who was not listed on my paperwork. The person I that was listed was not there and my other point of reference was a man who turned out to be the guy who ran the Corporation I was entertaining for that night. I was told by the woman to play " a diverse mix of music" since the employees were from different backgrounds, races, sexes, ages, etc. I understood and did my best.
 I was playing Christmas music when I was approached by another gentleman I had not talked with and he requested some "Collective Soul", to lighten up the mood. I could not find the sing he wanted, but some "Journey" made him happy. I also noticed that the employees were seated at big round tables, banquet style and they had segregated themselves. It's funny how some people in society try to push people of different races together, but when people are allowed true freedom, they sit with folks of the same color, for the most part. I think there were one or two tables with a mixture of people, but mainly people were seated, on their own, by race. I've done comedy shows in this environment and they are the toughest one's to pull off. You can't be edgy, you'll offend the older folks. You can't be to cerebral, some folks will get bored. You can't be too Blue Collar, the higher ups will be tight and so will their underlings. You don't know these people, so you don't really know who you can mess with or if you should even do crowd work. Translate this along musical lines and you can imagine what I was dealing with.
On with the show, that's what one must do. I did the best I could. The lady who I had spoke with and asked me to play music that was "Diverse" kept coming up and requesting music that only her and the table she sat at would dance to, mostly Rap. I tried to accommodate the best I could, but my selection of songs did not include some of the stuff they were asking for. She even went as far to roll her eyes at me when I told her one of the songs that her colleague at another table had requested. So much for being "diverse"! By the end of the night, a handful of people had loosened up enough to get up and dance. I saw my contact person leaving and went to say goodbye. I told her I was sorry that more people did not dance but I had done the best I could. She just pointed at the folks who were dancing and said "What ever, just cater to them".  I was not sure how to take that, but I've been in the situation before.
In summation I can only say that when you try to please everyone who has such "Diverse" tastes at the same time, you're bound to fail with a certain percentage. That's if you don't fail completely, complete success is hardly ever reached. This is why Political Correctness, people who think their "Open Minded" and cars with "Coexist" bumper stickers are all lies. These people believe that they are the arbiters of fairness, when in fact they leave people whom they disagree with out of the equation. I like different types of music, but like anyone else I have my favorites. No one forced me to listen to these different genres, but I had folks suggest bands or songs and that's how I grew  to have the eclectic taste of music I do today. At the same token, you can't force different cultures of people and tell them they must accept them, it takes time. This is my main point here! Truth be told, diversity is not a seven course meal, it's a buffet! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Voter Fraud?What Voter Fraud?

 Do we really need to lower our standards, especially when it comes to selecting our government officials? I believe people are trying to lower the standards on all types of things and anyone who opposes this is called a racist. Sooner or later they will be exposed as the frauds they really are. They are the true racists.

                                            Voter Fraud? What voter Fraud?

 On a recent segment of "Pros & Cons" I was challenged by Will and Johnny Hotshot to prove that voter fraud, in particular with the group "ACORN" does in fact exist and is rampant. I did some research and found there was truth on all sides, but also a lot of lies or just plain ignorance. (NOTE: This is NOT a column about VOTER RIGHTS, I'm not making points about that right now.)
While voter fraud does not run rampant and is not a threat to our form of government, it does exist. However, we still need to make sure we protect the integrity of this essential right and the practices of ACORN surely make a glaring example of why. With just a few keystrokes in my search engine I found a mountain of stories on this subject with ACORN. I don't usually do this, but there's people who say " I never heard anything about that" while their heads are stuck underground. Here's an excerpt from a Wall Street Journal column on the subject and you'll notice that even DEMOCRATS were getting sick of dealing with this group.
On Monday, Nevada officials charged Acorn, its regional director and its Las Vegas field director with submitting thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms last year. Larry Lomax, the registrar of voters in Las Vegas, says he believes 48% of Acorn's forms "are clearly fraudulent." On Thursday, prosecutors in Pittsburgh, Pa., also charged seven Acorn employees with filing hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations before last year's general election.
Acorn spokesman Scott Levenson calls the Nevada criminal complaint "political grandstanding" and says that any problems were the actions of an unnamed "bad employee." But Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada's Democratic Attorney General, told the Las Vegas Sun that Acorn itself is named in the criminal complaint. She says that Acorn's training manuals "clearly detail, condone and . . . require illegal acts," such as requiring its workers to meet strict voter-registration targets to keep their jobs.
Other Democrats on the ground have complaints. Fred Voight, deputy election commissioner in Philadelphia, protested after Acorn (according to the registrar of voters and his own investigation) submitted at least 1,500 fraudulent registrations last fall. "This has been going on for a number of years," he told CNN in October. St. Louis Democrat Matthew Potter, the city's deputy elections director, had similar complaints.
Elsewhere, Washington state prosecutors fined Acorn $25,000 after several employees were convicted of voter registration fraud in 2007. The group signed a consent decree with King County (Seattle), requiring it to beef up its oversight or face criminal prosecution. In the 2008 election, Acorn's practices led to investigations, some ongoing, in 14 other states.
While this may not seem like a bombshell or people on the Left will say, "Yeah, but that was the employees trying to keep their jobs", that's exactly what's wrong with the country today. To many people want us to lower our standards. If you're going to defend this because it fits your agenda, then your agenda is CRAP! I'm sure there's idiots on the right in some areas who feel they have to stack the deck to win and I'm just as ashamed of them to be my fellow countrymen as well. I brought up ACORN, was challenged about it, did my research and made my point. If you want me to bring up a Republican example, you obviously can't read past the title of this column and are to stuck in your political hack ness to get the point. It's the same thing over and over. When we people get over this "If my side is wrong it's OK, if the other side is wrong, they're EVIL"  B.S!!! 
No, voter fraud is not widespread, thank God. As you can see, and I challenge you to search for yourself, we need to educate ourselves and each other. The Republicans did grandstand on this issue, but Obama also downplayed his involvement with ACORN. In the end, what Obama or the Reps. did, is not the point. The point is that there was a story to begin with, that's called having high standards. There's folks in this country that want us to lower our standards instead of insisting people raise themselves up to be the best they can be. There's where your real EVIL is, the people who excuse the activities we see with groups like ACORN.
Truth Be Told, fraud looks the same no matter what side of the fence you're on!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Why's EveryBody Always Picking On Me?

 Bullying is no joke and it's cost some people their lives. I think it's a built in coping mechanism for some people, but that does not excuse it. I also believe it's a tool of the cowardly, they always pick on the weak or people they know won't fight back. Here's my post about it in "The Weekly Telegram " magazine. We also talked about this on the radio program. Our segment "Pros & Con's" tackled what we could in ten minutes, but we only scratched the surface. Leave you thoughts here if you wish. This is a problem we can solve, it just takes communication and the will to help each other!

                                              Why's Everybody Always Picking on Me?
 Bullies have and will always be a part of human existence. As a young, awkward, nerdy, young boy with the last name of "Shirley", I got picked on quite a bit.  The biggest lesson I learned from it was to fight back! Fight back with words, humor and fists if it came to that. I won't go through all the stories, we don't have the space in this column for that, but I will say it was humiliating at times, especially when my grandfather saw me getting kicked and pushed around by some older boys one day and asked me "Why didn't you do something?".  I could not answer, I was afraid of him as well. That's how bullies operate, fear and force. Most of these dregs of society have been bullied themselves and instead of learning from it, they turn the anger on someone weaker.
 Our prisons are full of bullies. Men who beat women are some of the worst kind of bullies. They are jealous and have low self-esteem. The only way they think they can  keep their women by their side is to beat them into submission. If there were any real justice in the world  when one of these cowards were exposed, the family members of the women they beat would be given some baseball bats and told they have 15 minutes to do as much damage as they want.
 Shame and greater force are the only ways to stop bullies. Some of them can be shamed by friends and family into being a better person. Then there's the one's who only understand greater force, that's just the way it is. Terrorists and gangs are the top of the food chain when it comes to bullies. Both prey on the weak and use violence to carve out their territory. You can throw organized crime in there as well. The fact that these groups think that what they're doing is perfectly fine, shows how people can talk themselves into anything without thinking of what their actions do to other human beings. How can terrorists really think it's alright to try and kill a little girl because she wants an education? What kind of higher being or "God" sanctions that? Christians have been guilty of such atrocities in the past, but have stopped drowning people or torturing them to get them to admit to crimes they will be killed for. Yes, these to me are forms of bullying. It's the kind that says "Believe my way or be tortured or killed". That, folks is the ultimate in bullying. That's want bullies want, to get their way through force and intimidation. To push people around or hurt them for their amusement. They can call it religion, business or "my street family" but it's all the same. These people have never and will never be contributors to  the good of society, they will always be on the side of evil.
 I feel that being humane is getting rid of that which threatens humanity, even if sometimes it's other humans. Now we have "Cyber-Bulling". These victims can not get away from it and the cowards can practice their evil deeds non-stop. We've even had parents telling children they should kill themselves! I'll give you one guess who I think should leap off the nearest bridge in that equation! I know some of what I've written may sound harsh, but people are dying because of this! Good kids are taking their lives or being killed because of pieces of garbage and I think it's time to take out the trash!
 Truth Be Told: If you're being bullied, let as many people know as possible, remember, bullies are cowards, they are brave when they in groups, that's why you just need to get a bigger group. There are more people that will help you than will be on the side of the human trash. If you're a bully, change. If you want to be a decent human and lead a just life, change. If you don't, life has a way of bringing it back to you. There's always someone bigger and they may be the brother, father, uncle, etc. of someone you're pushing around! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful

 As we thank our veterans this week for their service, let us not forget the good we as a nation do around the world. In a way, our men and women not only fight for our freedom, but for the freedom of many on this planet! I'm worried and concerned about the rhetoric I hear in the European media concerning who's responsible for the storms such as the one that hit the Philippines. Read on to get my take on this, thanks!

                                              The Weather Outside is Frightful
First of all let me say my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the tragedy we see unfolding in the Philippines. I have no doubt that we as a nation will do all we can to help these people recuperate and rebuild. I see the news reports and shudder, it will take years for these people to see any amount of a normal life and some of them may never recover. The daily conveniences we take for granted like clean water, a bathroom, food and shelter are sacred items in short supply for the people in affected by this monster storm. It's heart wrenching to watch.
 Having said that, I think we are being set up. I've heard some pundits on TV talking about this terrible situation and some of the conversation is centering around who's responsible for his. It seems that the theory is "Climate Change" is making some of these storms  more intense, like we humans are responsible for creating "Super Storms" (my wording BTW). Of course, if we are responsible for the intensification of the weather, we must shoulder the burden of making sure that those affected by these storms are compensated for their losses. I'm taking the talking points I've heard a step further with bring in the compensation factor, but I'm betting the house that's where all this is going.
Ladies and Gentleman, I believe we will start seeing some sort of "World Tax" or " Climate Change Fund" coming soon. I know it sounds crazy, but why would these people even bring this into a discussion about this terrible tragedy if they did not have an angle they wanted to exploit.... ahem, I mean explore. I know my criticism of this line of thinking will upset some people, but why not just talk about how we can help these people and what exactly is the situation is on the ground. Let's get the people the help they need, not give them a reason to sue every industrialized country in the world. That's where this talk is headed, you can put that in the bank with a fantastic interest rate, guaranteed.
 I believe we should recycle, cut pollution and most importantly stop wasting energy! Also, stop wasting food, there's a good start to helping our environment. Yes, a conservative is talking about saving the planet, because we always have and always will. Yes there's some greedy blankholes who have given conservatives a bad name, but to believe that we are all like that is to be an IDIOT, point blank.  Here's where the great divide occurs, methane. Yes, gas, we all pas it and so does the planet. The Earth pollutes itself folks and it does more damage in one Volcano eruption than man has done in a hundred years. By pointing out this FACT, am I saying we should keep polluting, hell no dummy. I'm just saying let's look at ALL the scientific FACTS, quit pointing fingers and come up with solutions we can all live with. Conservation of food and energy is one of the biggest way we can help the Earth and ourselves at the same time.
I do believe there are some folks on the "Climate Change" crowd who are sincere and care about the environment. HOWEVER, there are a lot of folks in the same camp who see this as a way to control people. They do not like to have anyone disagree with them or their policies. They will distort facts, and have in the past, to fit their agenda. These people are dangerous because they are elitist of the "Do as I say, not as I do" variety. They will use people in their own camp to achieve their pathway to power and that's what's all about (You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out...).
The environment should not divide people and the fact that it's used to should scare more people that it does. Ask yourself this, "When I disagree with someone's point of view concerning "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" why do they get so mad?". I think the answer is because they've been programmed. Anyone who honestly believes that a entire, major, political party in the USA does not care about the environment of the planet we live on are not only drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallon, they have started making it themselves. Truth Be Told, When we put our collective minds to it, any problem that man creates, man can also solve! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Don't Double Down on Stupidity!

Here's the latest "Truth be Told" post. I'm hoping that folks will read this with an open mind no matter what side of the fence they are on. I'm not trying to convert anyone, just asking people to hold their elected officials to task and really think about where they want this country to go.

                                              Don't Double Down on Stupidity
  Each week on the "Pros & Cons" segment, which can be heard on The Weekly Telegram Radio Show, Will Roberts, Johnny Hotshot and myself try to wade through the social/political muck to search for an answer. I brought up a point that I will expound on today as I thought it an important one. During our discussion last week about the lack of a dialogue politically that made sense, Will asked me what my solution is. I told him that it lies in our hands, the voters of this country. We need to hold the people we elect accountable to what we expect from them and we need to raise our expectations.
 We have people in office, that are and have been re-elected who :A) Have been caught doing drugs, crack for example. B) Have been caught not paying their taxes, some of these folks are at the FEDERAL level. C) Have been caught violating ethics laws or using campaign funds illegally. D) All of the above or worse.
 Why these idiots keep getting elected is not a mystery, we have some ignorant, uneducated folks in this country who believe the lies these politicians tell them. These voters are one dimensional in their political views and can't see past their own ideas to a greater good. What's really crazy is these folks may be more open to voting for someone who casts themselves as a "Progressive", which is more of an oppressive ideology that says if you don't agree with me you're a " fill in the blank".
Back to my main point, which is going on right in front of us as I write this column. When we vote for someone, especially on a national level, we are giving them a very special gift. This gift is a sacred power, if you will, to somewhat control our destiny as a nation. We, as a voting public, have not taken this power seriously in a long time. That's why these people in Washington are acting the way they are. They see the voting public as a bunch of uniformed, walking dollar bills who are to be controlled, pandered to and shushed when they get a little mouthy. These politicians see themselves as better than the common person. They pass stupid legislation like the ban on certain size soft drinks in New York. They know what's good for us whether we like it or not, unless it's an election year, then they'll ask 'What do you want?".
We have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on these fiends for way to long. I've heard people say, "Well, you have to be in the House or the Senate for years before you can get anything done" and that may be true, but it's a bunch of crap . If we voted every incumbent out, those years would change to months in a heartbeat. I've said it before and I'll write it again, WE HAVE THE POWER! We have forgotten why and how to use it. Why, is for the good of the WHOLE country. How, is as ONE united people for a common cause. That cause should be to make sure this country still operates as a free and open society without an over burdensome federal government. When we trust someone with our vote and they betray that trust, they should be regulated to the private sector for the remainder of their lives. If another politician lies to us concerning his opponent during an election, he should be shown the door as well. I'm not going to say anything in this post about what's going on in this country right now as it relates to what I have just written. If you can't figure it out and you don't agree, you're the problem. No matter what side of the fence you find yourself, we all need to police our neighborhood.
It's real simple as is most of life's solutions, it's just a question of do we have the guts to do it. We must do a better job as a voting nation holding our elected officials to task. Truth Be Told, if we do not raise our standards when it comes to who we vote for, they sure as hell will not raise themselves!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Accentuate The Positive.

I would hope this post will get more views because of it's uplifting nature. There's far to many things in this world that are wrong, it's time to look at what's right and celebrate those things.

                                         Accentuate The Positive!

I did two interviews on YouTube with a gentleman named Jason Deierlien for his show “My Positive Perspective” this past summer. They were recently posted to YouTube and between both episodes there’s over 30,000 views. That made me feel appreciated and it did give me inspiration to get through some of the negative things that seem to be going on constantly in our world today. But then again, are these things we as humans experience really “Negative” or “Positive”, or is it all in the way we perceive these experiences? Either way, we make our own reality based on how we views things. 
I have posted and read a lot recently about the bickering going on in Washington and nationally. I’m using this article to take a deep breath, close my eyes and hope for better things. Not just to hope though, but to acknowledge. We DO have a great and generous nation called The United States of America. Yes, there are bad people here, such as the pieces of human waste that killed a WWII veteran in his driveway several days ago. But, I believe for every four of those pieces of vermin, there are hundreds of good people here, maybe even thousands. We have and still are going through a very tough economic time, but I see the American spirit everywhere, still thriving. Our Political leaders point fingers at each other and practice the highest forms hypocrisy, yet we here in the real world continue to be civil towards one another.
I think the light will always be stronger than the dark and I have proof. The NSA scandal has led to our own government having to explain to it’s citizens and other Nations what the hell they are doing with all the information they are gathering. The fact that the light keeps getting turned on in the NSA darkroom is a beautiful thing. This would not happen in a dictatorship or a communist country. I take this to mean there’s still hope to keep ourselves free of an oppressive regime and shrink the size of the Federal Nanny-State we have now. 
 I also think there’s something positive to take away from the terrible mood our country seems to be in these days. I think all the grumbling means that people do care. They care about making sure we leave things better off than when we found them. That we take care of the planet, those less fortunate and help those that are trying to help themselves. We may be on different sides of the fence, but I do believe WE ALL want these things, I know I do. I don’t think I would be putting out this column if things were all rosy, that’s a positive for me. I’ve been called a “Racist” for some of my posts here, but in reality this exposed the real racist. They’re getting easier to spot now, they change the definition of the word “Racist” to fit their agenda. They scurry like cockroaches or scream at you when exposed to the light of truth. Light will always chase away the dark and I believe  the positive can outshine the negative. We need more folks to shine that lantern right into the face of those who would have us turn against each other.  They can change words or terms, but they can’t change truth!
Prayer is something that we need to do as well. I could use some prayers and I need to do it more myself. Prayer is a positive, up lifting experience that does more for the person praying than the God being prayed to. As for you who don’t believe, I would ask that you be as open mined to those who do believe as you want them to be to you. We may not be able to change each other’s minds, but we can work together for a better future. This has been done many times since 1776, not everybody saw eye to eye back then either. Truth be told, the light of truth can not be extinguished, it must shine and that’s the most positive thing of all!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Government, Big Brother, Big Pain in the .....Wallet!

                The latest post for "Truth Be Told" in The Weekly Telegram is for ALL political parties! Unless you're a communist or socialist, you can't argue that our government has grown WAAAYYY to big! Since this has been posted in the magazine even more revelations have come out about the NSA and more problems with the AHA. If you still don't believe we need to severely restrict the power coming out of Washington instead of the other way around, you're just a partisan hack who wants a dictatorship rather than a representative republic!

                    Truth Be Told: Big Government, Big Brother, Big Pain in the ....Wallet!
 I don't think we as human beings ever really learn from the past. There's lesson's for just about every situation known to man that have been written down, seen on TV, the Internet or heard on the radio, yet we as a species make the same mistakes over and over! George Orwell wrote about "Big Brother" 60 or so years ago and now we have ANOTHER revelation about the NSA collecting information on US citizens and foreign nationals. We've even pissed off Brazil with our data collection antics, BRAZIL!!!  Our wonderful folks in Washington ( this includes Dems & Reps) are saying that this information gathering is necessary to stop terrorism or in other words to keep us all safe. That's one of the oldest lines in the book and people still eat it right up. I warned about this several articles ago, is anybody out there?
This and every week on Will Robert's Weekly Telegram Radio Broadcast, the "Pros & Cons" segment, we touch on these subjects. You really must give us a listen, we're on over 36 radio stations here and abroad. We try to flush out the truth and opinions as all sides see them. Last week I said something that stuck with Johnny Hotshot, so much so he quoted me in a private email to Will and myself in brainstorming this week's segment. I said, and Johnny will expound on this from the left, that "I would rather have someone in government that hates government". I stand by that statement and I don't think we've seen anyone like that since Reagan, at least. When a Democrat is in office and grows the size of government, like now with the AHA, he's looked at as a magnificent benefactor by his constituents. The Republicans and their followers fight tooth and nail against this, like we saw with the government shut down. The Republicans say these "Big Government" programs are hurting America and they are right! BUT, when the Republicans get back in power, they grow the size government in their own way and get cheers from their followers who were just crying about Democrats growing the size of government. Ridiculous!! They both do it folks, just because your guy is in does not mean his "Big Government" plans are any better that the competition's. ALL big government is bad, expensive and inefficient.
You want to clean up Washington, get rid of government waste, cancel all those lavish parties that we get stuck paying for while there's no one held accountable? It's easy, shrink the size of our bloated, arrogant , pig headed, festering cesspool of fraud and waste bureaucracy called The U.S. Federal Government. Do not vote for people in either party who promise more federal programs for this and that or more laws for such and so. Vote for the person in your party who will get the government debt down by getting more people who work for the government back into the private sector, if you know what I mean. There is list after list on the Internet of programs that our tax dollars go to that are complete wastes of money. Google "government waste" if you don't believe me. You may want to take a Valium before you do.
Politically, Big Government is about hurting the right people. We saw that with The IRS targeting certain folks because of their political views. If you don't think this will happen when the shoe is on the other foot, think again. Anybody at the top of the IRS go to jail? No. This should not happen no matter what party controls the reins. Oh and guess what. The IRS was not stripped down like it should have been, oh no. They added hundreds of thousands of new people to help enforce the AHA. Perfect, real smart move. That won't cost us any more money, hell no. These new agents are working for free, or food stamps and health care I guess. Get the point. Every time we add a new agency or program, more money is needed from the tax payers to fund these new adventures in waste. Here's a nice round figure for you, 634 million dollars at least, for the computer system that is still not quite working to enroll folks in the AHA. I know, Republican have had their big programs, The Patriot Act and such. We can be real idiots and just scream at each other "Your side does it too!" or we can come together, use the power we have been vested with by our constitution and start voting to make this a country where the citizens don't need a huge government taking care of them from cradle to grave!
 We are still  the government here in the USA, don't forget that. We still have the power, for now. Truth Be Told, a Big Federal Government threatens the sovereignty of the people it governs because the people become it's subjects instead of  the other way around.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Know You Are But What Am I?!!

 The latest post for my column in The Weekly Telegram. It's been a rough week as far as being attacked for what I believe is right for the country. You can read the comments on a post here on my blog from a post a few weeks ago, then I was told on LinkedIn that the article you are about to read lacked sincerity because I did not use examples on how folks on the right attack people on the left. I welcome the comments from either side with positive or negative feedback. All I ask is keep it civil. Thanks!!

                             Truth Be Told: I know You Are, But What Am I?!!
 I feel like I'm shouting at a wall sometimes when I write these posts or appear on the "Pros & Con's" segment each week on The Weekly Telegram.  Here's my short and sweet points in the column this week, then I will expound. If we the people, the politicians and the media would operate our dialogues from points of truth with no name calling, the country could get back on the right track. This is what Will Roberts, myself and others are trying to accomplish here at The Weekly Telegram. I urge as many people as possible to join us in this endeavor.  It's very simple, if you have to change or edit a sound bite to fit your point of view, then your point of view is a LIE! This has been done by several media outlets on very big news stories and they've been caught red handed. Now, the people who want these stories slanted to suit their ideology stood by and defended these media outlets. They should be ashamed. They care more for their mindset than they do this country. This is a big problem which keeps us divided.
 Here's a perfect example of why there's so much hate and bickering out there. I went to the Face Book page for my radio station, Kinetic Hi Fi, that is where my radio program The BTS Radio Show originates from and you can hear Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram on there as well. I was going to put up a promotional post about my show when my eye caught something on the page. Another show on Kinetic, The Right Wing Dixie Chicks, had posted a promo for their show and someone had left a comment on their post. Here's what it read and this is the exact post  "Yeah great I want to listen to a bunch of right wing crackpots talk their ignorant racist crap. That's just what I wanted this Thursday afternoon.". I was livid as I had been on their show several times and they are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They also have had people as guests on their show who happen to be black and gave these people a platform to promote their products, services or shows for FREE! This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say truth and name calling. This guy does not know these ladies and calls them RACIST just because they have the words "Right Wing" in the title of their show. This kind of crap has got to stop, and yes I mean on both sides of the fence, if we are going to have a meaningful dialogue in this country. Do not comment on this post with examples of how people from the right did this as well, I know this to be true, if this is your first reaction then your missing the point and you're part of the problem, look at the title for this post again.
Here's where my frustration really reaches all new heights. When I'm trying to talk with someone about all the bickering going on in politics and they start the dialogue out by saying "Well the TEA BAGGERS, blah, blah, blah......". I say "blah, blah, blah," because that's all I hear after the insult. What sense does it make to begin a conversation about how bad the dialogue concerning politics and ideologies has gotten in this country with name calling  just to make sure you get your hate out there?
 Finally, I would challenge those of you who may be of a different ideology than mine to examine you inner most thoughts and plans. Do you really desire for the USA to be the best it can be and a global leader or do you think we should just be another country on the earth who's at the same level as everyone else. I believe we should strive the be the best in the world because when we are, we help make the world a better place. The USA has helped many of those less fortunate around the globe and we can help more when we get back to our top, peak condition. If you believe we should be average and on equal footing with other nations then I would ask you to leave, we don't need you. Go some where else where excellence is not expected and mediocrity is king.
Truth Be Told: If we look at each other as fellow citizens and strive to make this country the best it can be for EVERYONE, we ALL will prosper in the process.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Crackdown On The Shutdown!

 Here's the latest "Truth Be Told" for The Weekly Telegram. I'm in the middle writing the next one and I feel like I'm going in circles. When will our "Leaders" in Washington quit bickering and get their act together? No time soon it looks like.

                                Truth Be Told: The Crackdown on The Shutdown!
 Like so many of the subjects covered by the schizophrenic media we have here in the USA, you can't pinpoint who's on the wrong side of what. Most reports show the Republicans as being controlled by the "Evil" Tea Party and they won't budge an inch on opening the Government back up. How people who just want their taxes lowered and a smaller federal government be called all sorts of insults is a mystery to me. Well, not really a mystery, just another example of intolerance by people who put their ideology above their fellow American citizens. This is exactly what's going on with the shutdown and it's starting to spread overseas.
 China and Japan are starting to get nervous about the whole debacle. You see they both hold over a TRILLION dollars in Treasury bonds and are  in no mood to see us, the U.S., default. They've dropped disputes they are having over small islands just to weigh in on our political and economical mess. How the hell did we get here? I'll answer after I lay out where we're at.
Here's the facts, you see who you think should bare the blame: This guy named Snowden leaks info about how the NSA is spying on American citizens and the folks in Washington say, "Nah, it's not that bad", then we find out it's really not that bad, it's far worse. Then Snowden runs to Russia, gets to stay and no one in our government does a damn thing, except talk about how bad the situation is. Then Syria uses chemical weapons, steps over somebody's Red Line and Russia brokers a deal to get the weapons out of Syria, rather than a military strike that would have been limited an ineffective to begin with. Now Obamacare is being implemented, a very unpopular bill no matter what you believe and the Republicans are trying to de fund part of it, but the Democrats say "No". Now the government is in a partial shut down because Republicans can't find another way to get around a law that already passed and The White House will not negotiate with their own countrymen. Meanwhile, here comes the default with Japan and China telling us we better raise the debt ceiling. Oh, and they mean NOW, by the way. Not in week, not in four days, not in  two hours and thirty seven minutes, NOW!!!
I don't who you blame, but as I said in my last article, I blame us voters. We don't vote according to what's best for our country anymore. We let these politicians divide us up and we vote for what we can get from them, to hell with everyone else. This is what you get, no true leadership, a bunch of useless bickering and foreign governments controlling our future. I have never been a fan of term limits, we have them, I always thought, it's called "The Vote". I've changed my mind, there's to many selfish, lazy, ignorant people voting for style above substance. ALL elected officials should have term limits. People don't think there should be voter ids, meanwhile we have tax evaders in the highest levels of the government! Use your damn brain and common sense for once, don't give me this racism crap!  Truth Be Told, if we don't come together, use common sense and stop bickering, the Government won't be the last or the biggest thing shut down!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Anger Management! The USA Needs A TIME OUT!!

 I am very concerned about the future of the U.S. The discourse between ideologies has gotten...., well there is no discourse. If you do not agree with some one's point of view, they just yell and scream and call you names. This is the latest post for "Truth Be Told" in The Weekly Telegram and I may be making a big announcement in the coming weeks about a project that has a lot to do with this subject, that is the anger issue in America today. Hopefully we can help facilitate a national dialogue about doing what's right for our nation as a whole and not just certain factions. Political Correctness needs to be done away with and the "somebody owes me " mentality has to be defeated. Here's the post:

                 Truth Be Told: Anger Management! The USA Needs A TIME OUT!

Obamacare, Syria, The Government Shut Down, The Zimmerman Case, Russia, Snowden, The IRS, The NSA, Egypt, Iran, Unemployment….whew, I’m pissed off, what about you? Even though I write or have written about most of these subjects, I’m dreading looking at or hearing the latest new reports on anything. There’s a lot of anger and finger pointing going around these days. What scares me is I may have contributed to some of that anger with this column and I apologize, it was not my intention. I do not apologize for writing what I believe is true, just the way it may have come off.
I recently read an article that stated “for every negative thought we have, it take 5 positive thoughts to counter act the negative thought”. The human condition seems to always lean negative to begin with. I know I have a hard time staying positive, a very hard time. Then I spend time with family and any positive vibes I’ve built up are quickly done away with, sad but true. I think we all go through that, but we need family, they do support us in their own special ways.
Then there’s the outside world. YUCK!! If we were to base reality strictly on what we heard on the news and talk shows we would find that: this is the worst place on earth to live, no one ever gets along, people are routinely killed because of their skin color, man is entirely to blame for climate change, your whole existence is based on what you believe on one subject i.e. gay marriage, any amendment to the constitution, abortion, gun control and if you’re white and disagree with anything Obama says you’re a racist!  Still thinking positive?
I’m not going into my personal life, I’ll just say I’m blessed to be able to get on stage, make people laugh and host my own radio show. I also enjoy writing this column and my time with Will Roberts and Johnny Hotshot on The Weekly Telegram’s “Pros & Cons” is time well spent. The fact is that these are the things that make me happy so I try to focus on them as much as possible. I’m still learning how to keep myself on the bright side of life, not easy, it take a lot of introspection.
Helping others, I’ve learned, is also another way to keep the positive juices flowing. If we focus solely on ourselves, we will never achieve true happiness. The real good feelings come with sharing and giving, sounds cliche, but it’s true. What does all this have to do with the bad news we keep being fed everyday? Simple, we only look at these headlines as in how they affect us and our families, that’s not very generous. If we stepped back and thought about our country as a whole we would not tear each other apart. The Zimmerman Case is the best example of this. People drew lines based on race and the truth did not matter.
We’re letting the media and our elected officials divide us up like we are sheep. Here’s a novel idea for all you special interest groups, religious zealots and self-proclaimed community leaders. If someone does not agree with your point of view, instead of calling them a racist, a homophobe or an heretic, why not say ” We may not agree on this now, but let’s see if there’s a common ground we can meet on.” I’m not talking about compromising on your beliefs, I’m talking about understanding each others point of view. Also, if the facts point to you being wrong, so what. Admit you were wrong and let’s move on together.
The Federal Government should give all the working family’s and individuals a couple of grand each for all the spying, lying, reckless spending and just plain aggravation. There’s a good start to some positive reinforcement! Truth Be Told: We do need change! A change in elected officials, a change in our government and a change of the American attitude!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

If The Government Breaks, We'll Have No Place To Stay!

The government meltdown......, I mean shutdown looms over us like a huge "Who Cares" sign. Anything that disrupts our over sized, overspending, inefficient Big Brother is fine with me. We MUST start putting The USA first, as whole, over our political ideologies and parties. Truth and common sense should be our barometer, not political correctness! Here's my latest from "Truth be Told" for The Weekly Telegram!

         Truth Be Told: If The Government Breaks, We'll Have No Place To Stay!
Watching our esteemed elected officials argue about the pending government shut down reminds me of children on a playground. "He hit me first!", "They won't let me play!", or "I know you are, what am I?" are phases these people could say and fit right in with the way they are acting on this and many issues. I see all this and I'm struck by a simple truth, they are a reflection of the people who voted for them. WE are really the problem, WE have put ourselves and our country in the situation!
If you do not vote, then none of this is your fault, you are excused. As a matter of fact, go somewhere else, we really don't need you.  Now, on to the voters, the people who caused all this. WE have put ideologies, political parties, or race above the well being of the USA as a whole for way to long now. Here's the most recent, easiest example of this on a national level that is based on facts. If you can't accept this example, then you are practicing exactly what is causing the stupidity we see in Washington. Here we go.
 A majority, that's around 90%, of black voters voted for President Obama. You can say " Well. white people voted republican,blah, blah,blah", but the fact is that  a good many white people voted for Obama, that's a part of why he got elected. That's not the debate here anyway, this is an example of a segment of society that did not care about the country as a whole, just themselves. That they may be justified is not up for debate here either, this is just an easy example of the problem. We have to vote for people who care about ALL people! We are voting for  what I call "Segmentists". These are folks who put people in segments, i.e. blacks, gays, Christians, Pro-choice, etc. and pander to these segments separately. Then they get their votes by hitting the key issues of each segment and keep themselves in power by pitting the segments against each other when necessary. They actually paint certain segments of the USA as evil or bad to keep their hold on that power, that's where the EVIL is.
There are some simple ways, in my opinion, to fix the voting public and ultimately The US Government as a whole.
1) Put the good of the country first in the functions it was meant to serve. That's, protecting our nation, making sure our economy is vibrant, our environment is clean and the infrastructure is up to date. NONE of these should be subject to ideologies, ALL should be subject to COMMON SENSE!
3) Try to solve problems in the community at a local level first, don't rely on Washington to solve all the problems. As a matter of fact, don't rely on the government to solve any of your problems or take care of you at all. Be an adult!
4) Immediately decrease the size and scope of the Federal Government, there's way to many people wasting our money who need to get out of our pockets and get a REAL JOB!
5) WE all have a causes we feel are important and there is discrimination in this country, in this world as a matter of fact. Some of these problems can be solved without the government being involved, we have to quit thinking that Washington is the only solution.
 Example: Gay marriage. Marriage itself should have never been the government's business. Marriage is between a man, a woman and God, as I believe. Some people believe differently, that's exactly why the government should stay out of it. If two men can find a church to marry them, oh well, what can I do about it. I may not agree with it, but that's between them and God. All we have done is given the politicians another issue to divide and conquer us with. If we, gay, straight, indifferent, were to look at a candidate and say, as a whole, "We don't care about Gay marriage, we want you to cut government waste, get rid of useless programs and do not pass any more laws. Can you do that? There's things we can handle on our on as a matter of fact, we'll let you know when we need you.".  Then the politicians would realize that we know where the power is at and the veil has been lifted.
Truth be told: WE are the government, let's start acting like it!

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Struggle Against Evil Never Ends!

This post was written after the Naval Yard shootings in Washington and before the shootings in Chicago. The circumstances were different, the results the same, innocent people gunned down. We can stop what happened in Chicago, I know it sounds harsh, but if we outlaw gangs and their members, problem solved. Gangs serve no good purpose, let's deport their asses and let them be "Bad" in the Middle East somewhere. The case in Washington is a much harder to respond to. This will take a national and ultimately worldwide change in the way we behave as humans. My prayers go out the victims and their families in these trying times!

                                         Truth Be Told: The Struggle Against Evil Never Ends!
  My heart hurts seeing the footage of the Naval Shipyard Shootings. I could barely watch the reports on TV or listen to the updates on the radio. Then comes the pundits and politicians pushing their agendas behind this terrible incident before the first funeral for any of the victims. The people on both sides of the equation as far as gun control goes, make me sick. If they really cared they would shut up and give the families and the nation as a whole time to heal. But hell no,can't let a tragedy go to waste! I started to read a new story about Obama's reaction and it just made me ill. He started talking about how HE had personally done all HE could do and it was now up to Congress to push Gun Legislation through and BLAH, BLAH,BLAH. 
I lost someone close to me because of a gun and I've also lost work in my career because of having a gun in my car glove compartment to protect  myself. I've seen both sides of the issue, up close and personal. When are people going to realize that there is EVIL in this world and you have to fight that! If Assad's troops killed thousands of unarmed civilians, with or without chemical weapons, that's EVIL!! If a sect of a religion teaches it's people to strap bombs to themselves and kill as many people who don't agree with them as they can, THAT'S EVIL! If someone walks into a workplace and carries out what just happened Monday, that's EVIL. We have to fight against this and always have. We have history books filled with examples of these things and we never learn from them.
 It's part of human nature to react and embrace, if you will, the negative. This is where it starts, I believe. People get depressed and isolated. They shut themselves off and live in their own little world. We are an isolated society now, we don't know our neighbors like we used to. We don't help strangers anymore and the news reports are mostly of negative events. WE are the biggest problem! We feed the machine that incubates Evil, turn away God, or for non-believers, goodness and ask "Why did this happen?".
The problem is easy to identify, the solution has eluded us for ages. I'm putting this all in a nutshell because this column has to be a certain length. Why do we have Police Officers? Because there's humans out there that will not follow the law. There's the problem, people who can't stop being thieves, rapists and murders. People who are Evil! I'm not talking about people who steal because they're starving or who kill in self defense or for revenge. I'm not going to debate mental illness either, how do we know that some mental illnesses are not a manifestation of just being a huge piece of human garbage?  Let's use common sense, that would be a huge giant leap forward in itself.
 I pray for those family members of Monday's shootings in their intense pain. Their loss is heavy. It's just as heavy as the pain of families that have loved ones taken away that the news does not report.
 Until we really change fundamentally as humans, Evil will always be among us. The type of change needed should be a start of the discussion. Truth be told, Evil has always been here since man has been here and it seems it always will be.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Putin Punts The Ball, Obama Sits The Bench!

The latest post for my column "Truth Be Told" for Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram. Here's a little inside info for you folks to chew on. Will thanked Johnny Hotshot and myself for our posts this week as we were doing our segment "Pros & Cons" for his radio broadcast, very nice I thought. Then I saw on twitter where Will tweeted my column (the one you're about to read) and remarked that "Truth Be Told Throws a Ball Below the Belt". Oh well, that's showbiz folks!
                              Putin Punts The Ball, Obama Sits The Bench!
There are moments in time that can define or at least give us a glimpse into the soul of our elected officials. These are moments where all the politics, semantics and personality are pushed to the side and the REAL person shines through. I know there are Bush haters out there and even though I voted for the man twice, I was very disappointed with some of the things his administration did. I will say though, that what president Bush said as he stood near the rubble of the world trade center nearly twelve years ago, made me proud to be an American and glad I voted for the man. It may sound cliche, but it’s the truth and since the word “Truth” is in the title of this column, that’s what we’ll deal with here.
 Someone shouted out to President Bush as he was making his remarks about the cowardly terrorists who brought down those towers. Bush responded ” I hear you, the world hears you, and (as a fevered pitch arose in the crowd) the folks who brought down these towers will hear from all of us soon!”  The crowd erupted. No Bush hater will ever take that moment away from me, they can’t lie about it and they can’t decrease the effect it had and continues to have on my soul. It bonded all of America together and made us one in the blink of and eye. For that moment, and many times during the healing period from this tragedy, we were Americans. No color, sexual orientation, ideology or class mattered. We were AMERICANS. Bush rallied us as a nation! Since then, we have fallen into war with ourselves!
The only time Obama has shown passion and gotten a crowd excited, is when he is pitting us against each other! Doesn’t anyone, even blind Obama followers see the difference? Obama likes to quote Reagan and Lincoln. Did not Lincoln say “A house divided cannot stand”? It just struck me the other day during all the 9/11 remembrances, now to include Benghazi, that Obama has not shown himself to be a worthy International leader at any point during his two terms. He has apologized for this country, he has complained about what he has been called in this country to other nations and now he has been made to look like a fool by his adversary in Russia. “We’ve got Snowden, Na,na,na,na,na! OK, I’ll broker a deal to get those bad old weapons for you from Syria, you just sit right there and tell your congress to hold on a minute.”
We have not heard any kind of update about what happened in Benghazi and when I hear what he said now about finding the people who KILLED 4 Americans, frankly it sounds uninspired. No passion or sense of urgency in the least. Obama sounded like he was aggravated that he had to talk about it, like the deaths of these men was more of a nuisance. Now, the latest foreign policy gaffe with Syria has convinced me this President is in way over his head. No matter how this comes out, his “leadership” has been weakened and not just to those of us who did not vote for him. People who really look at TRUTH, must see how weak this “Nobel Prize Recipient” is . This is his moment in time that no one can take away. No spin doctor, no progressive lawyer speak, no blinded Obama follower who refuses to look at facts, can take the truth of this moment away from me, the disgrace I feel for having this man in office. He pointed at the world and said ” This is your RED line, not mine”. He threw the world under the bus to protect his legacy, how sick is that?!
Truth Be Told, we don’t have  a quarter back for a leader, we have a water boy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Syria Crosses The RED Line, The World Holds It's Breath!

This is the latest post for The Weekly Telegram in my column "Truth Be Told". I know this situation in Syria is not an easy fix and there are so many different opinions on this. My debate on Will Roberts' broadcast this week on this subject was more heated between myself and Will, than the roving radical himself, Johnny Hotshot and I. As I've said before, these posts are anywhere between 300-500 words and that is not enough to fully vet any deep subject such as I have tried to tackle with this column. I try to hit it quick, get my point across and hope I make some sense. We'll see how this works out and I may be proved wrong, but I do stand behind my gut instinct on this one.

 First off, who drew the RED line? Do you draw it? I didn’t. Did Congress, or America at large? How about the International community or The UN, or some guy in France? One thing’s for sure, Obama, our esteemed “Leader” did not draw it. He has nothing to do with any of this. Hey man, it’s not his legacy on the line, it’s everyone else in the world’s problem. It’s the American people’s fault, we give lip service to this “humanity” stuff. Why should he care, over here he gets called names he can’t say in Sweden out in public.
 This guy doesn’t just stick his head in the sand, he digs a hole and jumps right in, smiling and sticking his tongue out! He’s not the only one showing huge ineptness in this bizarre, theatre of foreign policy suicide. Nancy Pelosi sounds like Porky Pig during one interview trying to speak to why we should bomb Syria. The next interview “Mimi” tell us about a conversation she had with her 5 year old grandson about this situation that would raise the eyebrows of Henry Kissinger! John McCain does not think the proposed response is not broad enough, and The President, the guy who has his hands covering his ears and is yelling “La,la,la I can’t hear you” should have more options. John Kerry looked like a prisoner being interrogated at the latest hearing and could barely look Rand Paul in the eye during Rand’s questions. Kerry wants to “Slam the door” on the option of having boots on the ground, but wait, it turns out he wants that door left cracked a little, just in case. Lindsay Graham, well, never mind. I live in Chas.,SC, by the way, I heard a sound bite from my Graham on this subject and I had no idea what he was talking about, it really was convoluted.
We should have had a plan in place to deal with this a year ago. It’s simple, he crosses the line, a predetermined response is swiftly carried out by a broad coalition of countries who agree with the action. This is a disaster and it’s getting worse with the passage of time. Assad is now hiding the offending weapons among the public. Obama and Congress looks like a bunch of idiots who can’t get their story straight. Nancy’s grandson made better points than she did, make him minority leader immediately! I say minority leader until he get’s about a week of experience, then it’s Speaker of The House for him! People who were against invading Iraq, now show their hypocrisy, and the same goes for the folks on the other side of the fence.
What’s the end game in this? If we’re not removing Assad, what is the “punishment’? Kerry said Assad would definitely use the weapons again if we did not strike. I think he’ll use them again even if we do. This is a horrible situation for the innocents in Syria and the bumbling way this is being handled will make it worse. This just shows very poor leadership across the board in Washington on foreign policy. These idiots should be swept out of office and a new bunch given a chance. They just can’t seem govern effectively when all they are worried about is holding on to their power. Truth be told, a strike on Syria now would just make things worse, bebebebeb That’s all folks!!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

You can't clown around with Obama!!

When I shared the interview Will Roberts did with "Tuffy the Obama Clown" I got an interesting comment from an Obama look-a-like who said he was "Offended" by the way the office of the president was being treated, then went on to lament that George Bush wasn't treated this way. Right there he showed his true colors, which was, it was all about color. This idiot did not even listen to the interview, nor did he bother to read anything about this story or he would have known that this joke was indeed done about George Bush and many other presidents before him. This week marked the 50th anniversary of the "I have a dream" speech and it seems that there are still folks who judge people, not on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin. Can you guess the color of  the Obama light fellow? Here's my post in The Weekly Telegram with my take on Will's interview and more.

My good buddy Will Roberts interviewed “Tuffy the Obama Rodeo Clown” this past week on The Weekly Telegram broadcast. As is usual for Will, he decided to go for the truth instead of basing his questions on a preconceived notion of “Tuffy”. If you are truly opened minded and listened to the interview, or still can, you found out that Obama is not the first president to be the butt of this quite innocent joke. If you truly are a progressive, you would come to the conclusion that this man was treated unfairly by the media, people who called him RACIST and anyone who can’t see that there’s really no story here. This bit has been done for years and with masks of other sitting presidents, to absolutely no fanfare. Why all the hubbub now? That’s an easy one to answer, SKIN COLOR! I don’t care what you say about past injustices! I don’t want to hear how I have to understand someone else’s culture, yet they don’t have to give mine a second thought. This CRAP is getting ridiculous!!
We’ve got black teens tweeting about “killing whitey” then doing so and there’s more outrage over a stupid mask?! These are facts, not conjecture! I’ve heard black folks complain about white people who lock their car doors when they approach. They are offended that the whites do this. Really? The black culture says “you have to act BAD”, you have to appear tough and threatening. To the people who want to complain when I lock my car doors I have this to say. It’s my damn car and my BODY, I’ll do what I want to protect it no matter what color someone else is. By the way, I got attacked in New York when I was about ten years old and had my nose bloodied. Guess why? I had the wrong skin color in the wrong part of town. I have to understand the past injustices that have been done to people because of their race, yet they don’t have to understand mine? B.S.!
I’ve been doing stand-up comedy for 20 years and I’ve seen a disturbing trend in that industry for a long time, If a black comic does jokes about white people, it’s OK. Try that if you’re white. The whites don’t laugh because they’re nervous and it’s a bout a 50/50 chance you’ll offend black folks. It’s a tightrope for white, straight male comics to make fun of other races or homosexuals. This is a fact. Here’s a true story that happened to me. I had to do a show for a corporate show in a conference room at a hotel one time several years ago. I was a last minute fill in and had no idea what I was walking into. When I walked into the room right before the host brought me up, I would say the audience was about 90% black. I could feel the energy leave the place as soon as I was introduced. Very few people paid attention and a lot of them just talked right over me. Towards the end of my torturing lecture, a little old black lady starting tapping on her glass with a butter knife so as to interrupt my show. Her back had been turned to me the whole time and she kept tapping on that damn glass even after I asked her to stop so I could close my “show”. This was a function for a professional organization that employs more people that any other business in the USA. The lady who paid me apologized. She explained that I had replaced a black comedian who had canceled for some reason and she didn’t think it would make a difference. Don’t I need to tell you “progressives” what you can do with your empathy? These people were trying to disrupt my ability to earn my money based on my skin color, sound familiar?
We are going backwards in this country when it comes to race relations. It’s not “progressive” or “liberal” to think that people of certain skin colors or sexual orientations have special rights to say certain words that other folks can’t, that’s idiocy! Truth be told, when all races can tell jokes about each other without anyone being offended, we will be progressing towards the best in race relations.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Personal Responsibility! What the Hell is That?

 Part of this post is response to some of the comments I received on Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram. Sometimes I don't people think, they just react. They read a column, but they don't absorb it. Either that or they are so bent on pushing their ideology, they just read the headline, scan the post and comment with a lot of venom. You decide, all the posts are right here. I'm not perfect and I never will be, but I do try my best to look at truth.

I read some of the remarks about my last post, “RACISM: Is There A Cure?” and was astounded to yet again be called a racist. This time it seems I don’t have empathy, which I clearly do if you read the post with open eyes. I will move on to say that Michael Jackson had it right when he said ” I’m starting with the man in the mirror. If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change”. We have gotten so far from personal responsibility in the country on a national level it’s scary. If the US government apologized to the African American community for slavery and unfair treatment during their times as human beings in the country, would that be enough? If all the descendants of former slaves were given a huge financial windfall, would that be enough? The big question is can anything heal past wounds?
  There are some folks who will never get over the past and that’s just the way it is. So what does any of this have to do with personal responsibility? I do believe there are people who use the past and sometimes, even present perceived wrong doings to shirk responsibility for their own lives. This has no attachment to race, as this mindset of “Somebody owes me” has crept into the mainstream way of thinking. Even those born to privilege believe they should get by with anything they want because, they’re more important than the “little people”. The amount of fatherless homes in this country of any race SCREAMS a lack of personal responsibility. I think is an important discussion to raise because we are losing the family core and that’s what good and decent communities are founded on. The family starts with the individual, then 2 individuals. If they lack quality and good decision making, then we have another broken or severely dysfunctional home. Then, at some point, society must bear the burden of offspring from a terrible home who go out and shoot someone jogging down the street because they’re bored.
 I’m not perfect, far from it. I consider myself a work in progress who will never be perfect, or even close. I do try to learn and grow everyday, if I can. I see the lack of people who want to better themselves as very disheartening. We have a grand experiment going in the country, not without it’s faults. I say it from the stage and I’ll say it here. I think it’s up to one’s self and not the government if they are to “make it’. This country is not perfect, but you do have a great opportunity to achieve great things. If you sit around and feel sorry for yourself, a million dollars can’t fill that unhappy hole you’ve dug. But you can climb out and cover the hole up for free. Personal Responsibility is not just for the individual, it’s also an ingredient in a successful society. Truth Be Told, the people with the most freedom on earth are the one’s who secure it for themselves.

Friday, August 23, 2013

RACISM: Is there a cure?

After another heated debate in Will Robert's Weekly Telegram Broadcast, I was fuming. I still am after some of the responses I received from the post you're about to read. I know there's no cure for something that's not a disease, but if I can get us to a better debate on the subject, it may help.

  Truth Be Told: RACISM: Is There a Cure?
 I went over the definition of RACISM in my last post "Are You A Republican? Then You're A RACIST?". Basically it's looking at someone of a different race than yours and seeing them as inferior or even superior. This is also true if you fell yourself superior or inferior to other people because of YOUR race. All the crap you here about someone having to be part of the race that controls the military or the means to production, jobs, economic opportunity, etc. are the only one's who can be racists is absolute idiocy. The people in power can be jerks because they discriminate according to race, which has happened and no doubt still happens in this country. But that does not mean they are the only racists. Until all races understand this basic FACT, it will be hard for us to sit at the table of humanity and have honest discourse about this subject. We all have equal opportunity when it comes to being or not being RACISTS.
Now, let's say everyone finally gets some common sense and we can agree on the definition of RACISM, then we move forward hopefully. Seeing people of a different race differently is a part of human nature. That is not inherently bad or evil, just a fact. There are different characteristics to each race, that is also a fact. Not all the folks of a particular race act entirely the same either, that's a fact as well. We are all humans and have our own individual ways of dealing with outside stimulus. Yet, we have a lot more in common across the board, than we have that we don't understand about each other. The fear or negative feeling towards one of another race comes from this lack of understanding. The fact that the people of one race put ups walls to discourage people of other races understanding them does not help either. I'll use myself as an example.
 My father left my mother, my infant brother and myself when I was around 5 and half years old. I did not see him again until I was eighteen. It was painful growing up without a father. I told myself, I would never do that to my children and I haven't. Well, I don't have kids, so that's pretty easy, but my brother has 2 kids. He's a great father and married his wife BEFORE they had any children and is still with her. It's called a FAMILY, wow, how about that. Now, I don't understand how the black community is this country has nearly 70% of homes without a father in them. Why? Because it's been going on for generations, they rap and sing about it, yet they don't do a damn thing to correct it. They just keep on producing kids and who cares who's the "Baby's daddy" is, they don't need a man in the house anyway. Then these women raise boys who never become men and the process starts all over again.
Does it make me a RACIST because I'm white and I don't get why this happens in the black community?  Whatever you think, these are honest feelings that I have taken from facts and facts can't be RACIST! There is not enough room in this column to cover this subject in depth in just one post, maybe not even a hundred posts. I don't think there's a pill or an operation to cure something that happens naturally, but that then can turn bad, or even into evil, if nurtured and encouraged. However, I do think we can and have at points, go further into bringing the races together here in the USA. We can start to do it by being honest we each other and honest with ourselves. We can do it better at the grass roots level, because HONESTLY, the self proclaimed leaders of some of the movements that pro port to advance people of a certain race, only seek to divide the races for their own gain. I know this is not and never will be a perfect world. But, Truth Be Told, if we start to look at each other as being from the HUMAN RACE first, and look at everything else as secondary, that could take us a long way.
Listen to the broadcast on

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are you a White Republican? Then You're a Racist!

 The words "Racist" and "Racism" are being thrown around a lot these days, way to much if you ask me. Being a racist is a terrible thing and being called one is seen as a terrible insult, but these terms are becoming trivial with the way they are used. Words can be powerful, but they loose their sting if they are wielded way to often. I am a weekly guest on Will Roberts' radio program "The Weekly Telegram" on a segment called 'Pro's and Con's". This past week I was asked to debate the subject of Voter rights with my usual opponent on the opposite side of the political spectrum. He started the debate by asking me why the Republicans were trying to change voting rights and called them "racists" somewhere in the beginning of his question. I can't remember how he phrased it because I instantly lost my temper. I'm just so sick of people wanting to have a discussion, but they feel the need to throw insults out first, then expect you to have a reasonable exchange. I'm not falling for it anymore, and I've learned that those people who love to brag about how tolerant they are, are the least tolerant people on earth. How can you be considered tolerant when you only tolerate things you agree with? That's idiocy! Here's my post for my column  "Truth Be Told" which I wrote about an hour after my exchange on the radio program, here's the link to the Will's site where the show is on. It's the latest broadcast as of  8/11/13

                Truth Be Told : Are you a White Republican? Then You're A Racist!
 Yes I said it, Hell, I even wrote it. If you're white and not a liberal democrat you will be branded a Racist, there's the new drum beat sounding on the left.  The big problem with that, aside from the net of lies they are casting, is there are some folks out there who don't even know what it means to be a racist. I heard a lady who was lamenting the Zimmerman verdict say that she "Couldn't be a Racist" because her people were not in a position of power, or didn't control armies or some other nonsense that she's been lead to believe. She was a black person by the way, shocker! My response to her is that if she can't be a Racist, then she must not belong to a race of humanity, because that's all it takes to have a shot at being a member of the good old "R" club. If you have to change the definition of a word so it fits your ideology, then your ideology is a LIE!
Let's look at the real definition of what it means to be a Racist (via The Free Online Dictionary) : 
1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.  
How about the definition of racism, so we're all clear. (Wikipedia)
Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior, or superior
Nothing about having a standing Army in either of those. Hey! Isn't Obama the Commander in Chief ? Doesn't that mean he's in CONTROL of the military? Isn't he considered to be a black guy? Quick, somebody tell that lady she can now be a RACIST! Hooray for her, she should become a Republican and seal the deal.
Why do I say that White Republicans are racists? Because I was told by someone on the left that because Republicans want there to be voter registration with a photo ID they are Racists. Actually, I've heard this before and the rhetoric is being turned up in the current climate. Unless Republicans pass the legislation that Liberals/Democrats want, they will be labeled as Racists. By the way, in order for someone to qualify for The Affordable Health care Act they must prove how old they are, how much money they make, etc. Why is this not seen as Racist? Because it was born on the left, where no racists reside, sacred ground over there you know! Can't it be said that since Liberals believe that minorities can't exist without help from the government that they are the true Racists? ( See # 1 definition of Racist above and Racism) We can't say that, that would upset their base.
I have a question. If a white person who's delivering pizza, decides not to get out of their car when in a predominately black neighborhood after dark and calls the customer to come meet them at the car, are they a racist? They only do this in the "bad neighborhoods", that's discrimination! Well if that's the case, then I AM A RACIST. I delivered pizza several years ago in a black neighborhood and I saw a bunch of black thugs starting to gather across the street from the drive way I was pulling into. I called the customer and told them I was not going to leave the car, they could come and get the food if they wanted it. They came out, signed the slip as I stood with the door of my PT Cruiser open and turned around and left. As soon as the customer, who was black by the way, left and walked towards their house, the thugs across the street rushed my car. I got in and shut the door just as one of them started banging on my car with a lead pipe or something. They surrounded the car and tried to bust out the windows and banged on the driver door. I backed out and got away. I'm convinced if I had walked to the customer's door, I may not be able to type or even think right now, let alone still be alive,
Truth be told, I guess I should wear a White Republican looking suit at all times. If I'm going to be called a Racist, I may as well go all the way.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snowden gets Asylum, USA looses RESPECT!

 The title for my column in Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram is "Truth Be Told".  Here's the latest post, there is an important update since this has posted worldwide to the magazine. President Obama cancelled his meeting one on one with Putin earlier this week which I think was a step towards getting some lost respect back. The problem is, he went on The Tonight Show to talk about it instead of facing the media head on. He knew Jay Leno would lob softballs at him in front of a very pro Obama audience in the studio. Even though his appearance was more than likely scheduled well in advance, The Tonight Show is not the best forum to seriously discuss foreign policy, oh well, he's trying I guess. Here's the post in it's entirety.

  Truth Be Told   Snowden gets Asylum, USA looses RESPECT!
  Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and may have even been offered a job. This news comes at a bad time for the Obama administration as Obama is set to attend a fall summit with Vladimir Putin and threatens all or part of the summit. I don't think this situation should effect the fall summit in the least, after all it's part of a "phony scandal". Why should the White house care? As a matter of fact, the President should meet with Putin in Moscow, excuse himself at some point during the talks, then run out and grab Snowden himself. Now that would make up for Putin making the USA look like a bunch of idiots. After weeks of "pressuring and pleading", "please Vlady, red rover, red rover send Snowden right over!", Putin let Snowden inside and ended the game. In essence, Vladimir took the ball and went home, leaving the Obama administration on the field crying. White House spokesman Jay carney said  " it is not a positive development". Wow, that's telling them Jay, Putin must have spit up his morning coffee, or whatever he drinks, when he read that. After all, these were "clear and lawful requests" made by the White House, how could the Kremlin ignore that?
 Meanwhile, John McCain showed that there are folks in the USA that still have a backbone when he said " The Russians' action is a disgrace and a deliberate effort to embarrass the U.S. It's a slap in the face of all Americans."  This is very close to what we are used to hearing when another country shows us no respect when we are not directly doing anything to antagonize that country. Snowden sat in limbo for a month while Obama ignored the big issues and focused on the Zimmerman case, making remarks that further divided people. He's good at that dividing thing, you have to wonder if he could have done the same with The Red Sea.
The bottom line is The U.S has been losing respect on the world stage for at least 30 years. All the millions and millions of dollars we've sent in aid does us very little good. George Bush sent millions to Africa for the prevention of AIDS and saved untold numbers of lives, yet the Liberals and folks who claim Africa as their homeland above America still hate the guy. Just goes to show no good deed goes unpunished and ignorance is king. There may still be people out there who love America, but our respect has fallen. We've had to many lawyers in the White House and at the top levels of government. They don't talk straight, they try to please everybody and they're so used to lying they don't recognize the truth anymore. Time to kick them and the community organizers out. Quit making our laws confusing, these sleaze bags make money off translating the same damn laws they write when they finally do leave office and sometimes while they're still serving.
The USA needs it's respect back and here's how Obama can do it.
1) Cut funding to Egypt now!
2) Cut aid to countries who threaten our allies, especially those who threaten Israel.
3) Really find out what happened in Benghazi, get the people who killed our citizens, tell the world "Next time we bomb your country until you hand over the perpetrators"
4) DON'T have talks with terrorist groups, don't even act like you will.
5) DON'T mince words, talk straight with everyone, even when the truth is unpopular.
That's just a start. You have to remember that we are in a world where information travels everywhere instantly. Nations all over the world watch us closely, so when the President brushes off real scandals instead of meeting them head on like a true leader, all the world sees that. The Truth be told, we will not get our respect back until someone else is in the White House, no matter what party that person belongs to.