Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Why's EveryBody Always Picking On Me?

 Bullying is no joke and it's cost some people their lives. I think it's a built in coping mechanism for some people, but that does not excuse it. I also believe it's a tool of the cowardly, they always pick on the weak or people they know won't fight back. Here's my post about it in "The Weekly Telegram " magazine. We also talked about this on the radio program. Our segment "Pros & Con's" tackled what we could in ten minutes, but we only scratched the surface. Leave you thoughts here if you wish. This is a problem we can solve, it just takes communication and the will to help each other!

                                              Why's Everybody Always Picking on Me?
 Bullies have and will always be a part of human existence. As a young, awkward, nerdy, young boy with the last name of "Shirley", I got picked on quite a bit.  The biggest lesson I learned from it was to fight back! Fight back with words, humor and fists if it came to that. I won't go through all the stories, we don't have the space in this column for that, but I will say it was humiliating at times, especially when my grandfather saw me getting kicked and pushed around by some older boys one day and asked me "Why didn't you do something?".  I could not answer, I was afraid of him as well. That's how bullies operate, fear and force. Most of these dregs of society have been bullied themselves and instead of learning from it, they turn the anger on someone weaker.
 Our prisons are full of bullies. Men who beat women are some of the worst kind of bullies. They are jealous and have low self-esteem. The only way they think they can  keep their women by their side is to beat them into submission. If there were any real justice in the world  when one of these cowards were exposed, the family members of the women they beat would be given some baseball bats and told they have 15 minutes to do as much damage as they want.
 Shame and greater force are the only ways to stop bullies. Some of them can be shamed by friends and family into being a better person. Then there's the one's who only understand greater force, that's just the way it is. Terrorists and gangs are the top of the food chain when it comes to bullies. Both prey on the weak and use violence to carve out their territory. You can throw organized crime in there as well. The fact that these groups think that what they're doing is perfectly fine, shows how people can talk themselves into anything without thinking of what their actions do to other human beings. How can terrorists really think it's alright to try and kill a little girl because she wants an education? What kind of higher being or "God" sanctions that? Christians have been guilty of such atrocities in the past, but have stopped drowning people or torturing them to get them to admit to crimes they will be killed for. Yes, these to me are forms of bullying. It's the kind that says "Believe my way or be tortured or killed". That, folks is the ultimate in bullying. That's want bullies want, to get their way through force and intimidation. To push people around or hurt them for their amusement. They can call it religion, business or "my street family" but it's all the same. These people have never and will never be contributors to  the good of society, they will always be on the side of evil.
 I feel that being humane is getting rid of that which threatens humanity, even if sometimes it's other humans. Now we have "Cyber-Bulling". These victims can not get away from it and the cowards can practice their evil deeds non-stop. We've even had parents telling children they should kill themselves! I'll give you one guess who I think should leap off the nearest bridge in that equation! I know some of what I've written may sound harsh, but people are dying because of this! Good kids are taking their lives or being killed because of pieces of garbage and I think it's time to take out the trash!
 Truth Be Told: If you're being bullied, let as many people know as possible, remember, bullies are cowards, they are brave when they in groups, that's why you just need to get a bigger group. There are more people that will help you than will be on the side of the human trash. If you're a bully, change. If you want to be a decent human and lead a just life, change. If you don't, life has a way of bringing it back to you. There's always someone bigger and they may be the brother, father, uncle, etc. of someone you're pushing around!