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Brian T Shirley
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Government, Big Brother, Big Pain in the .....Wallet!

                The latest post for "Truth Be Told" in The Weekly Telegram is for ALL political parties! Unless you're a communist or socialist, you can't argue that our government has grown WAAAYYY to big! Since this has been posted in the magazine even more revelations have come out about the NSA and more problems with the AHA. If you still don't believe we need to severely restrict the power coming out of Washington instead of the other way around, you're just a partisan hack who wants a dictatorship rather than a representative republic!

                    Truth Be Told: Big Government, Big Brother, Big Pain in the ....Wallet!
 I don't think we as human beings ever really learn from the past. There's lesson's for just about every situation known to man that have been written down, seen on TV, the Internet or heard on the radio, yet we as a species make the same mistakes over and over! George Orwell wrote about "Big Brother" 60 or so years ago and now we have ANOTHER revelation about the NSA collecting information on US citizens and foreign nationals. We've even pissed off Brazil with our data collection antics, BRAZIL!!!  Our wonderful folks in Washington ( this includes Dems & Reps) are saying that this information gathering is necessary to stop terrorism or in other words to keep us all safe. That's one of the oldest lines in the book and people still eat it right up. I warned about this several articles ago, is anybody out there?
This and every week on Will Robert's Weekly Telegram Radio Broadcast, the "Pros & Cons" segment, we touch on these subjects. You really must give us a listen, we're on over 36 radio stations here and abroad. We try to flush out the truth and opinions as all sides see them. Last week I said something that stuck with Johnny Hotshot, so much so he quoted me in a private email to Will and myself in brainstorming this week's segment. I said, and Johnny will expound on this from the left, that "I would rather have someone in government that hates government". I stand by that statement and I don't think we've seen anyone like that since Reagan, at least. When a Democrat is in office and grows the size of government, like now with the AHA, he's looked at as a magnificent benefactor by his constituents. The Republicans and their followers fight tooth and nail against this, like we saw with the government shut down. The Republicans say these "Big Government" programs are hurting America and they are right! BUT, when the Republicans get back in power, they grow the size government in their own way and get cheers from their followers who were just crying about Democrats growing the size of government. Ridiculous!! They both do it folks, just because your guy is in does not mean his "Big Government" plans are any better that the competition's. ALL big government is bad, expensive and inefficient.
You want to clean up Washington, get rid of government waste, cancel all those lavish parties that we get stuck paying for while there's no one held accountable? It's easy, shrink the size of our bloated, arrogant , pig headed, festering cesspool of fraud and waste bureaucracy called The U.S. Federal Government. Do not vote for people in either party who promise more federal programs for this and that or more laws for such and so. Vote for the person in your party who will get the government debt down by getting more people who work for the government back into the private sector, if you know what I mean. There is list after list on the Internet of programs that our tax dollars go to that are complete wastes of money. Google "government waste" if you don't believe me. You may want to take a Valium before you do.
Politically, Big Government is about hurting the right people. We saw that with The IRS targeting certain folks because of their political views. If you don't think this will happen when the shoe is on the other foot, think again. Anybody at the top of the IRS go to jail? No. This should not happen no matter what party controls the reins. Oh and guess what. The IRS was not stripped down like it should have been, oh no. They added hundreds of thousands of new people to help enforce the AHA. Perfect, real smart move. That won't cost us any more money, hell no. These new agents are working for free, or food stamps and health care I guess. Get the point. Every time we add a new agency or program, more money is needed from the tax payers to fund these new adventures in waste. Here's a nice round figure for you, 634 million dollars at least, for the computer system that is still not quite working to enroll folks in the AHA. I know, Republican have had their big programs, The Patriot Act and such. We can be real idiots and just scream at each other "Your side does it too!" or we can come together, use the power we have been vested with by our constitution and start voting to make this a country where the citizens don't need a huge government taking care of them from cradle to grave!
 We are still  the government here in the USA, don't forget that. We still have the power, for now. Truth Be Told, a Big Federal Government threatens the sovereignty of the people it governs because the people become it's subjects instead of  the other way around.