Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Struggle Against Evil Never Ends!

This post was written after the Naval Yard shootings in Washington and before the shootings in Chicago. The circumstances were different, the results the same, innocent people gunned down. We can stop what happened in Chicago, I know it sounds harsh, but if we outlaw gangs and their members, problem solved. Gangs serve no good purpose, let's deport their asses and let them be "Bad" in the Middle East somewhere. The case in Washington is a much harder to respond to. This will take a national and ultimately worldwide change in the way we behave as humans. My prayers go out the victims and their families in these trying times!

                                         Truth Be Told: The Struggle Against Evil Never Ends!
  My heart hurts seeing the footage of the Naval Shipyard Shootings. I could barely watch the reports on TV or listen to the updates on the radio. Then comes the pundits and politicians pushing their agendas behind this terrible incident before the first funeral for any of the victims. The people on both sides of the equation as far as gun control goes, make me sick. If they really cared they would shut up and give the families and the nation as a whole time to heal. But hell no,can't let a tragedy go to waste! I started to read a new story about Obama's reaction and it just made me ill. He started talking about how HE had personally done all HE could do and it was now up to Congress to push Gun Legislation through and BLAH, BLAH,BLAH. 
I lost someone close to me because of a gun and I've also lost work in my career because of having a gun in my car glove compartment to protect  myself. I've seen both sides of the issue, up close and personal. When are people going to realize that there is EVIL in this world and you have to fight that! If Assad's troops killed thousands of unarmed civilians, with or without chemical weapons, that's EVIL!! If a sect of a religion teaches it's people to strap bombs to themselves and kill as many people who don't agree with them as they can, THAT'S EVIL! If someone walks into a workplace and carries out what just happened Monday, that's EVIL. We have to fight against this and always have. We have history books filled with examples of these things and we never learn from them.
 It's part of human nature to react and embrace, if you will, the negative. This is where it starts, I believe. People get depressed and isolated. They shut themselves off and live in their own little world. We are an isolated society now, we don't know our neighbors like we used to. We don't help strangers anymore and the news reports are mostly of negative events. WE are the biggest problem! We feed the machine that incubates Evil, turn away God, or for non-believers, goodness and ask "Why did this happen?".
The problem is easy to identify, the solution has eluded us for ages. I'm putting this all in a nutshell because this column has to be a certain length. Why do we have Police Officers? Because there's humans out there that will not follow the law. There's the problem, people who can't stop being thieves, rapists and murders. People who are Evil! I'm not talking about people who steal because they're starving or who kill in self defense or for revenge. I'm not going to debate mental illness either, how do we know that some mental illnesses are not a manifestation of just being a huge piece of human garbage?  Let's use common sense, that would be a huge giant leap forward in itself.
 I pray for those family members of Monday's shootings in their intense pain. Their loss is heavy. It's just as heavy as the pain of families that have loved ones taken away that the news does not report.
 Until we really change fundamentally as humans, Evil will always be among us. The type of change needed should be a start of the discussion. Truth be told, Evil has always been here since man has been here and it seems it always will be.