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Brian T Shirley
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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Crackdown On The Shutdown!

 Here's the latest "Truth Be Told" for The Weekly Telegram. I'm in the middle writing the next one and I feel like I'm going in circles. When will our "Leaders" in Washington quit bickering and get their act together? No time soon it looks like.

                                Truth Be Told: The Crackdown on The Shutdown!
 Like so many of the subjects covered by the schizophrenic media we have here in the USA, you can't pinpoint who's on the wrong side of what. Most reports show the Republicans as being controlled by the "Evil" Tea Party and they won't budge an inch on opening the Government back up. How people who just want their taxes lowered and a smaller federal government be called all sorts of insults is a mystery to me. Well, not really a mystery, just another example of intolerance by people who put their ideology above their fellow American citizens. This is exactly what's going on with the shutdown and it's starting to spread overseas.
 China and Japan are starting to get nervous about the whole debacle. You see they both hold over a TRILLION dollars in Treasury bonds and are  in no mood to see us, the U.S., default. They've dropped disputes they are having over small islands just to weigh in on our political and economical mess. How the hell did we get here? I'll answer after I lay out where we're at.
Here's the facts, you see who you think should bare the blame: This guy named Snowden leaks info about how the NSA is spying on American citizens and the folks in Washington say, "Nah, it's not that bad", then we find out it's really not that bad, it's far worse. Then Snowden runs to Russia, gets to stay and no one in our government does a damn thing, except talk about how bad the situation is. Then Syria uses chemical weapons, steps over somebody's Red Line and Russia brokers a deal to get the weapons out of Syria, rather than a military strike that would have been limited an ineffective to begin with. Now Obamacare is being implemented, a very unpopular bill no matter what you believe and the Republicans are trying to de fund part of it, but the Democrats say "No". Now the government is in a partial shut down because Republicans can't find another way to get around a law that already passed and The White House will not negotiate with their own countrymen. Meanwhile, here comes the default with Japan and China telling us we better raise the debt ceiling. Oh, and they mean NOW, by the way. Not in week, not in four days, not in  two hours and thirty seven minutes, NOW!!!
I don't who you blame, but as I said in my last article, I blame us voters. We don't vote according to what's best for our country anymore. We let these politicians divide us up and we vote for what we can get from them, to hell with everyone else. This is what you get, no true leadership, a bunch of useless bickering and foreign governments controlling our future. I have never been a fan of term limits, we have them, I always thought, it's called "The Vote". I've changed my mind, there's to many selfish, lazy, ignorant people voting for style above substance. ALL elected officials should have term limits. People don't think there should be voter ids, meanwhile we have tax evaders in the highest levels of the government! Use your damn brain and common sense for once, don't give me this racism crap!  Truth Be Told, if we don't come together, use common sense and stop bickering, the Government won't be the last or the biggest thing shut down!