Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

If The Government Breaks, We'll Have No Place To Stay!

The government meltdown......, I mean shutdown looms over us like a huge "Who Cares" sign. Anything that disrupts our over sized, overspending, inefficient Big Brother is fine with me. We MUST start putting The USA first, as whole, over our political ideologies and parties. Truth and common sense should be our barometer, not political correctness! Here's my latest from "Truth be Told" for The Weekly Telegram!

         Truth Be Told: If The Government Breaks, We'll Have No Place To Stay!
Watching our esteemed elected officials argue about the pending government shut down reminds me of children on a playground. "He hit me first!", "They won't let me play!", or "I know you are, what am I?" are phases these people could say and fit right in with the way they are acting on this and many issues. I see all this and I'm struck by a simple truth, they are a reflection of the people who voted for them. WE are really the problem, WE have put ourselves and our country in the situation!
If you do not vote, then none of this is your fault, you are excused. As a matter of fact, go somewhere else, we really don't need you.  Now, on to the voters, the people who caused all this. WE have put ideologies, political parties, or race above the well being of the USA as a whole for way to long now. Here's the most recent, easiest example of this on a national level that is based on facts. If you can't accept this example, then you are practicing exactly what is causing the stupidity we see in Washington. Here we go.
 A majority, that's around 90%, of black voters voted for President Obama. You can say " Well. white people voted republican,blah, blah,blah", but the fact is that  a good many white people voted for Obama, that's a part of why he got elected. That's not the debate here anyway, this is an example of a segment of society that did not care about the country as a whole, just themselves. That they may be justified is not up for debate here either, this is just an easy example of the problem. We have to vote for people who care about ALL people! We are voting for  what I call "Segmentists". These are folks who put people in segments, i.e. blacks, gays, Christians, Pro-choice, etc. and pander to these segments separately. Then they get their votes by hitting the key issues of each segment and keep themselves in power by pitting the segments against each other when necessary. They actually paint certain segments of the USA as evil or bad to keep their hold on that power, that's where the EVIL is.
There are some simple ways, in my opinion, to fix the voting public and ultimately The US Government as a whole.
1) Put the good of the country first in the functions it was meant to serve. That's, protecting our nation, making sure our economy is vibrant, our environment is clean and the infrastructure is up to date. NONE of these should be subject to ideologies, ALL should be subject to COMMON SENSE!
3) Try to solve problems in the community at a local level first, don't rely on Washington to solve all the problems. As a matter of fact, don't rely on the government to solve any of your problems or take care of you at all. Be an adult!
4) Immediately decrease the size and scope of the Federal Government, there's way to many people wasting our money who need to get out of our pockets and get a REAL JOB!
5) WE all have a causes we feel are important and there is discrimination in this country, in this world as a matter of fact. Some of these problems can be solved without the government being involved, we have to quit thinking that Washington is the only solution.
 Example: Gay marriage. Marriage itself should have never been the government's business. Marriage is between a man, a woman and God, as I believe. Some people believe differently, that's exactly why the government should stay out of it. If two men can find a church to marry them, oh well, what can I do about it. I may not agree with it, but that's between them and God. All we have done is given the politicians another issue to divide and conquer us with. If we, gay, straight, indifferent, were to look at a candidate and say, as a whole, "We don't care about Gay marriage, we want you to cut government waste, get rid of useless programs and do not pass any more laws. Can you do that? There's things we can handle on our on as a matter of fact, we'll let you know when we need you.".  Then the politicians would realize that we know where the power is at and the veil has been lifted.
Truth be told: WE are the government, let's start acting like it!