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Brian T Shirley
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Why's EveryBody Always Picking On Me?

 Bullying is no joke and it's cost some people their lives. I think it's a built in coping mechanism for some people, but that does not excuse it. I also believe it's a tool of the cowardly, they always pick on the weak or people they know won't fight back. Here's my post about it in "The Weekly Telegram " magazine. We also talked about this on the radio program. Our segment "Pros & Con's" tackled what we could in ten minutes, but we only scratched the surface. Leave you thoughts here if you wish. This is a problem we can solve, it just takes communication and the will to help each other!

                                              Why's Everybody Always Picking on Me?
 Bullies have and will always be a part of human existence. As a young, awkward, nerdy, young boy with the last name of "Shirley", I got picked on quite a bit.  The biggest lesson I learned from it was to fight back! Fight back with words, humor and fists if it came to that. I won't go through all the stories, we don't have the space in this column for that, but I will say it was humiliating at times, especially when my grandfather saw me getting kicked and pushed around by some older boys one day and asked me "Why didn't you do something?".  I could not answer, I was afraid of him as well. That's how bullies operate, fear and force. Most of these dregs of society have been bullied themselves and instead of learning from it, they turn the anger on someone weaker.
 Our prisons are full of bullies. Men who beat women are some of the worst kind of bullies. They are jealous and have low self-esteem. The only way they think they can  keep their women by their side is to beat them into submission. If there were any real justice in the world  when one of these cowards were exposed, the family members of the women they beat would be given some baseball bats and told they have 15 minutes to do as much damage as they want.
 Shame and greater force are the only ways to stop bullies. Some of them can be shamed by friends and family into being a better person. Then there's the one's who only understand greater force, that's just the way it is. Terrorists and gangs are the top of the food chain when it comes to bullies. Both prey on the weak and use violence to carve out their territory. You can throw organized crime in there as well. The fact that these groups think that what they're doing is perfectly fine, shows how people can talk themselves into anything without thinking of what their actions do to other human beings. How can terrorists really think it's alright to try and kill a little girl because she wants an education? What kind of higher being or "God" sanctions that? Christians have been guilty of such atrocities in the past, but have stopped drowning people or torturing them to get them to admit to crimes they will be killed for. Yes, these to me are forms of bullying. It's the kind that says "Believe my way or be tortured or killed". That, folks is the ultimate in bullying. That's want bullies want, to get their way through force and intimidation. To push people around or hurt them for their amusement. They can call it religion, business or "my street family" but it's all the same. These people have never and will never be contributors to  the good of society, they will always be on the side of evil.
 I feel that being humane is getting rid of that which threatens humanity, even if sometimes it's other humans. Now we have "Cyber-Bulling". These victims can not get away from it and the cowards can practice their evil deeds non-stop. We've even had parents telling children they should kill themselves! I'll give you one guess who I think should leap off the nearest bridge in that equation! I know some of what I've written may sound harsh, but people are dying because of this! Good kids are taking their lives or being killed because of pieces of garbage and I think it's time to take out the trash!
 Truth Be Told: If you're being bullied, let as many people know as possible, remember, bullies are cowards, they are brave when they in groups, that's why you just need to get a bigger group. There are more people that will help you than will be on the side of the human trash. If you're a bully, change. If you want to be a decent human and lead a just life, change. If you don't, life has a way of bringing it back to you. There's always someone bigger and they may be the brother, father, uncle, etc. of someone you're pushing around! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful

 As we thank our veterans this week for their service, let us not forget the good we as a nation do around the world. In a way, our men and women not only fight for our freedom, but for the freedom of many on this planet! I'm worried and concerned about the rhetoric I hear in the European media concerning who's responsible for the storms such as the one that hit the Philippines. Read on to get my take on this, thanks!

                                              The Weather Outside is Frightful
First of all let me say my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the tragedy we see unfolding in the Philippines. I have no doubt that we as a nation will do all we can to help these people recuperate and rebuild. I see the news reports and shudder, it will take years for these people to see any amount of a normal life and some of them may never recover. The daily conveniences we take for granted like clean water, a bathroom, food and shelter are sacred items in short supply for the people in affected by this monster storm. It's heart wrenching to watch.
 Having said that, I think we are being set up. I've heard some pundits on TV talking about this terrible situation and some of the conversation is centering around who's responsible for his. It seems that the theory is "Climate Change" is making some of these storms  more intense, like we humans are responsible for creating "Super Storms" (my wording BTW). Of course, if we are responsible for the intensification of the weather, we must shoulder the burden of making sure that those affected by these storms are compensated for their losses. I'm taking the talking points I've heard a step further with bring in the compensation factor, but I'm betting the house that's where all this is going.
Ladies and Gentleman, I believe we will start seeing some sort of "World Tax" or " Climate Change Fund" coming soon. I know it sounds crazy, but why would these people even bring this into a discussion about this terrible tragedy if they did not have an angle they wanted to exploit.... ahem, I mean explore. I know my criticism of this line of thinking will upset some people, but why not just talk about how we can help these people and what exactly is the situation is on the ground. Let's get the people the help they need, not give them a reason to sue every industrialized country in the world. That's where this talk is headed, you can put that in the bank with a fantastic interest rate, guaranteed.
 I believe we should recycle, cut pollution and most importantly stop wasting energy! Also, stop wasting food, there's a good start to helping our environment. Yes, a conservative is talking about saving the planet, because we always have and always will. Yes there's some greedy blankholes who have given conservatives a bad name, but to believe that we are all like that is to be an IDIOT, point blank.  Here's where the great divide occurs, methane. Yes, gas, we all pas it and so does the planet. The Earth pollutes itself folks and it does more damage in one Volcano eruption than man has done in a hundred years. By pointing out this FACT, am I saying we should keep polluting, hell no dummy. I'm just saying let's look at ALL the scientific FACTS, quit pointing fingers and come up with solutions we can all live with. Conservation of food and energy is one of the biggest way we can help the Earth and ourselves at the same time.
I do believe there are some folks on the "Climate Change" crowd who are sincere and care about the environment. HOWEVER, there are a lot of folks in the same camp who see this as a way to control people. They do not like to have anyone disagree with them or their policies. They will distort facts, and have in the past, to fit their agenda. These people are dangerous because they are elitist of the "Do as I say, not as I do" variety. They will use people in their own camp to achieve their pathway to power and that's what's all about (You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out...).
The environment should not divide people and the fact that it's used to should scare more people that it does. Ask yourself this, "When I disagree with someone's point of view concerning "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" why do they get so mad?". I think the answer is because they've been programmed. Anyone who honestly believes that a entire, major, political party in the USA does not care about the environment of the planet we live on are not only drinking the Kool-Aid by the gallon, they have started making it themselves. Truth Be Told, When we put our collective minds to it, any problem that man creates, man can also solve! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Don't Double Down on Stupidity!

Here's the latest "Truth be Told" post. I'm hoping that folks will read this with an open mind no matter what side of the fence they are on. I'm not trying to convert anyone, just asking people to hold their elected officials to task and really think about where they want this country to go.

                                              Don't Double Down on Stupidity
  Each week on the "Pros & Cons" segment, which can be heard on The Weekly Telegram Radio Show, Will Roberts, Johnny Hotshot and myself try to wade through the social/political muck to search for an answer. I brought up a point that I will expound on today as I thought it an important one. During our discussion last week about the lack of a dialogue politically that made sense, Will asked me what my solution is. I told him that it lies in our hands, the voters of this country. We need to hold the people we elect accountable to what we expect from them and we need to raise our expectations.
 We have people in office, that are and have been re-elected who :A) Have been caught doing drugs, crack for example. B) Have been caught not paying their taxes, some of these folks are at the FEDERAL level. C) Have been caught violating ethics laws or using campaign funds illegally. D) All of the above or worse.
 Why these idiots keep getting elected is not a mystery, we have some ignorant, uneducated folks in this country who believe the lies these politicians tell them. These voters are one dimensional in their political views and can't see past their own ideas to a greater good. What's really crazy is these folks may be more open to voting for someone who casts themselves as a "Progressive", which is more of an oppressive ideology that says if you don't agree with me you're a " fill in the blank".
Back to my main point, which is going on right in front of us as I write this column. When we vote for someone, especially on a national level, we are giving them a very special gift. This gift is a sacred power, if you will, to somewhat control our destiny as a nation. We, as a voting public, have not taken this power seriously in a long time. That's why these people in Washington are acting the way they are. They see the voting public as a bunch of uniformed, walking dollar bills who are to be controlled, pandered to and shushed when they get a little mouthy. These politicians see themselves as better than the common person. They pass stupid legislation like the ban on certain size soft drinks in New York. They know what's good for us whether we like it or not, unless it's an election year, then they'll ask 'What do you want?".
We have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on these fiends for way to long. I've heard people say, "Well, you have to be in the House or the Senate for years before you can get anything done" and that may be true, but it's a bunch of crap . If we voted every incumbent out, those years would change to months in a heartbeat. I've said it before and I'll write it again, WE HAVE THE POWER! We have forgotten why and how to use it. Why, is for the good of the WHOLE country. How, is as ONE united people for a common cause. That cause should be to make sure this country still operates as a free and open society without an over burdensome federal government. When we trust someone with our vote and they betray that trust, they should be regulated to the private sector for the remainder of their lives. If another politician lies to us concerning his opponent during an election, he should be shown the door as well. I'm not going to say anything in this post about what's going on in this country right now as it relates to what I have just written. If you can't figure it out and you don't agree, you're the problem. No matter what side of the fence you find yourself, we all need to police our neighborhood.
It's real simple as is most of life's solutions, it's just a question of do we have the guts to do it. We must do a better job as a voting nation holding our elected officials to task. Truth Be Told, if we do not raise our standards when it comes to who we vote for, they sure as hell will not raise themselves!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Accentuate The Positive.

I would hope this post will get more views because of it's uplifting nature. There's far to many things in this world that are wrong, it's time to look at what's right and celebrate those things.

                                         Accentuate The Positive!

I did two interviews on YouTube with a gentleman named Jason Deierlien for his show “My Positive Perspective” this past summer. They were recently posted to YouTube and between both episodes there’s over 30,000 views. That made me feel appreciated and it did give me inspiration to get through some of the negative things that seem to be going on constantly in our world today. But then again, are these things we as humans experience really “Negative” or “Positive”, or is it all in the way we perceive these experiences? Either way, we make our own reality based on how we views things. 
I have posted and read a lot recently about the bickering going on in Washington and nationally. I’m using this article to take a deep breath, close my eyes and hope for better things. Not just to hope though, but to acknowledge. We DO have a great and generous nation called The United States of America. Yes, there are bad people here, such as the pieces of human waste that killed a WWII veteran in his driveway several days ago. But, I believe for every four of those pieces of vermin, there are hundreds of good people here, maybe even thousands. We have and still are going through a very tough economic time, but I see the American spirit everywhere, still thriving. Our Political leaders point fingers at each other and practice the highest forms hypocrisy, yet we here in the real world continue to be civil towards one another.
I think the light will always be stronger than the dark and I have proof. The NSA scandal has led to our own government having to explain to it’s citizens and other Nations what the hell they are doing with all the information they are gathering. The fact that the light keeps getting turned on in the NSA darkroom is a beautiful thing. This would not happen in a dictatorship or a communist country. I take this to mean there’s still hope to keep ourselves free of an oppressive regime and shrink the size of the Federal Nanny-State we have now. 
 I also think there’s something positive to take away from the terrible mood our country seems to be in these days. I think all the grumbling means that people do care. They care about making sure we leave things better off than when we found them. That we take care of the planet, those less fortunate and help those that are trying to help themselves. We may be on different sides of the fence, but I do believe WE ALL want these things, I know I do. I don’t think I would be putting out this column if things were all rosy, that’s a positive for me. I’ve been called a “Racist” for some of my posts here, but in reality this exposed the real racist. They’re getting easier to spot now, they change the definition of the word “Racist” to fit their agenda. They scurry like cockroaches or scream at you when exposed to the light of truth. Light will always chase away the dark and I believe  the positive can outshine the negative. We need more folks to shine that lantern right into the face of those who would have us turn against each other.  They can change words or terms, but they can’t change truth!
Prayer is something that we need to do as well. I could use some prayers and I need to do it more myself. Prayer is a positive, up lifting experience that does more for the person praying than the God being prayed to. As for you who don’t believe, I would ask that you be as open mined to those who do believe as you want them to be to you. We may not be able to change each other’s minds, but we can work together for a better future. This has been done many times since 1776, not everybody saw eye to eye back then either. Truth be told, the light of truth can not be extinguished, it must shine and that’s the most positive thing of all!