Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Anger Management! The USA Needs A TIME OUT!!

 I am very concerned about the future of the U.S. The discourse between ideologies has gotten...., well there is no discourse. If you do not agree with some one's point of view, they just yell and scream and call you names. This is the latest post for "Truth Be Told" in The Weekly Telegram and I may be making a big announcement in the coming weeks about a project that has a lot to do with this subject, that is the anger issue in America today. Hopefully we can help facilitate a national dialogue about doing what's right for our nation as a whole and not just certain factions. Political Correctness needs to be done away with and the "somebody owes me " mentality has to be defeated. Here's the post:

                 Truth Be Told: Anger Management! The USA Needs A TIME OUT!

Obamacare, Syria, The Government Shut Down, The Zimmerman Case, Russia, Snowden, The IRS, The NSA, Egypt, Iran, Unemployment….whew, I’m pissed off, what about you? Even though I write or have written about most of these subjects, I’m dreading looking at or hearing the latest new reports on anything. There’s a lot of anger and finger pointing going around these days. What scares me is I may have contributed to some of that anger with this column and I apologize, it was not my intention. I do not apologize for writing what I believe is true, just the way it may have come off.
I recently read an article that stated “for every negative thought we have, it take 5 positive thoughts to counter act the negative thought”. The human condition seems to always lean negative to begin with. I know I have a hard time staying positive, a very hard time. Then I spend time with family and any positive vibes I’ve built up are quickly done away with, sad but true. I think we all go through that, but we need family, they do support us in their own special ways.
Then there’s the outside world. YUCK!! If we were to base reality strictly on what we heard on the news and talk shows we would find that: this is the worst place on earth to live, no one ever gets along, people are routinely killed because of their skin color, man is entirely to blame for climate change, your whole existence is based on what you believe on one subject i.e. gay marriage, any amendment to the constitution, abortion, gun control and if you’re white and disagree with anything Obama says you’re a racist!  Still thinking positive?
I’m not going into my personal life, I’ll just say I’m blessed to be able to get on stage, make people laugh and host my own radio show. I also enjoy writing this column and my time with Will Roberts and Johnny Hotshot on The Weekly Telegram’s “Pros & Cons” is time well spent. The fact is that these are the things that make me happy so I try to focus on them as much as possible. I’m still learning how to keep myself on the bright side of life, not easy, it take a lot of introspection.
Helping others, I’ve learned, is also another way to keep the positive juices flowing. If we focus solely on ourselves, we will never achieve true happiness. The real good feelings come with sharing and giving, sounds cliche, but it’s true. What does all this have to do with the bad news we keep being fed everyday? Simple, we only look at these headlines as in how they affect us and our families, that’s not very generous. If we stepped back and thought about our country as a whole we would not tear each other apart. The Zimmerman Case is the best example of this. People drew lines based on race and the truth did not matter.
We’re letting the media and our elected officials divide us up like we are sheep. Here’s a novel idea for all you special interest groups, religious zealots and self-proclaimed community leaders. If someone does not agree with your point of view, instead of calling them a racist, a homophobe or an heretic, why not say ” We may not agree on this now, but let’s see if there’s a common ground we can meet on.” I’m not talking about compromising on your beliefs, I’m talking about understanding each others point of view. Also, if the facts point to you being wrong, so what. Admit you were wrong and let’s move on together.
The Federal Government should give all the working family’s and individuals a couple of grand each for all the spying, lying, reckless spending and just plain aggravation. There’s a good start to some positive reinforcement! Truth Be Told: We do need change! A change in elected officials, a change in our government and a change of the American attitude!