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Brian T Shirley
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hell No Stevie Wonder won't go!! How will Florida Survive?

Another post for Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram about the fallout from the Zimmerman verdict.
  Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Madonna and some other celebrities badly in need of some good publicity have decided to boycott performing in Florida until the "Stand your ground" law is repealed. This piece of legislation is a type of self defense law in which people have the right to defend themselves without having to evade or retreat from their attacker/s. Here's the problem with what Stevie and the other brilliant celebrities are proposing in regard to the Zimmerman verdict, and I quote from Wikipedia " The relevance of the stand-your-ground provision of the self-defense law to the Zimmerman case has been questioned, however, because Zimmerman claimed he was restrained at the time of the shooting and had no option to retreat.[44] While George Zimmerman and his defense team did not use the "Stand your ground" defense during their trial and instead opted to use "Self Defense" as their official defense,[45] Circuit Judge Debra Nelson's instructions to the jury included the statement that he had no duty to retreat as per Florida's stand-your-ground law.46] "     They want a law repealed that was not even used as a defense, did they read or listen to anything but the verdict? Florida is only one of 23 states that have this law, how much you want to bet they'll be performing in those other areas? Does ignorance and inconsistency go hand in hand now?
That's not all, Obama has firmly set himself on one side of the fence by saying that he could have been Trayvon and now protesters are chanting "we are Trayvon". Well after Trayvon lost his life, which is still tragic, a 13 month old infant was shot in the head and killed in Brunswick, GA by a teenager. The baby was white, the teen was a black kid trying to rob a white woman and when she didn't have any money, he shot her baby. I wonder if Obama would say he could have been this piece of filth? In fact, Obama could not have been either, he rarely spent time in North America. He was in Hawaii and abroad for a great deal of his life. He was never a "want to be thug", also, from all that we know about him, he did not try to rob white women and infants with a gun like a coward.  
 I actually agree in some respect that the stand-your-ground law should be looked at because some aspects of it are confusing. It seems though, that what these celebs and the President want is confrontation not communication. They have no respect for the Judicial process, "all we want is a fair trial", they lied, they wanted a predetermined outcome. They chant lies and intolerant rhetoric. This whole case has only been made to look at skin color, not facts or the smallest bit of understanding for the HISPANIC,NON-WHITE George Zimmerman.
 Will Jesse Jackson, Obama or Jay Z ever see someone as just a human being and not what the color of their skin happens to be? I doubt it, they were not raised to see the human being first, instead of skin color first. Sorry Florida, no "Sir Duke" or " Ebony & Ivory" for you, soldier on somehow. 
 I will say that they have inspired me, I'm starting a boycott of my own. As a professional, internationally touring comedian, I will not perform in Chicago until the killing on the streets there stops. I've already got some other folks behind me on this and we're ready to make a change. I invite Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Madonna and any other celebrities who want to really save some lives to join us. Until the thugs in Chicago lay down their guns and become productive citizens, the good folks there will not hear our jokes or sing our songs. Let's help clean up The Windy City and make it quick, I may be in Milwaukee soon and I'd like to add another city to the tour! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Zimmerman Case: Exposing the Racist Hypocrites

NOTE: I feel this is an important conversation we must have in this country and that folks on all sides have hurt each other in one way or another. The time is over for name calling and violent protests. It starts in the small communities then grows, this must be a grass roots movement for racial peace on all fronts. This can not come from the government on high, it must come from the people!!!
First let me say that my prayers go out to the Martin family and the Zimmerman family, none of the family members asked or deserved to be a part of this.
  A long time ago, an honored leader once said he dreamed of a day where a man would be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. That dream is still a blink on the horizon. It's funny how the very folks Dr. King was trying to pass his dream on to, mainly his black brethren, always seem to judge people by the color of their skin. If you look at any major court case in this country that include members of the black race and a race of a different hue, blacks will always back their brother or sister, no matter what the evidence says. Not all black folks, and I don't say "African American" because there are white people from Africa, follow the herd, but a majority do. Almost all blacks who voted, voted for Obama, that's a fact! If some white people had not voted for Obama, he would not have been elected, I wonder who looked at skin color there? They cheered when O.J. was acquitted and now the protest and riot because Zimmerman "got off" in their minds. Yes, I said "riot'. They used this verdict as an excuse to block freeways, hurt people and trash a Walmart out in California.
 I do believe people should be judged on how they behave, not how they look. Here's my question, and this is not about Trayvan, when someone IS judged by their character and found to be a piece of filth because of the way they act, why do people still say " You just say that because he's/she's black"? A black member of the Atlanta Falcons tweeted that the jurors in the Zimmerman case should  " Go home and kill themselves", this is a lot worse than Paula Deen saying the 'N" word thirty years ago about a piece of crap that put a gun to her head. Why is White still a member of the team? Because he gets a pass, no pun intended. He's black in America, he can say evil things and get away with it. I grew up in GA. and have been a life long Falcons fan, not anymore until he's off the team. Just my way off giving them the finger! My feeling is if you support people who have a low values then you must have no values.
 Why are the racist hypocrites exposed, you may ask? Let's just take one city out of the thousands here in the USA to help pull the wool up. In Chicago, there have been several young blacks gunned down in the inner city so far this summer. Are their lives worth less than Mr. Martin's?  I would think not, but they won't make the national seen because they were killed by people of the same color, content of character does not count either. I think a majority of American people have figured out why this happens. They know why Jessie and Sharpton raise their shrill voices when a white and a black are involved ( although Zimmerman is only 1/8 white, also 1/8 black by the way and took a black girl to his high school prom, but let's over look all that, wouldn't be good for business) in any kind of national court case. They have to keep the gravy train running, and fanning the flames of racism pays them very well. They don't have time to worry about the brothers killing each other on Chicago, they have to get down south where the White/Hispanic man is preying on young blacks. Then the sheep follow behind them, some peaceful, some not, but all judging Zimmerman guilty. To them, he was guilty all along, even before the first shred of evidence was heard. Now, I ask you, who's judging by skin color and not the content of a man's character?
A young man's life was lost, that's terrible. Why don't we use this moment to ask why we don't trust each other and change the behaviors that cause the mistrust? You can't change the color of a man's skin, but HE can change the content of his character!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Immigration Reform: How about Immigration Enforcement?

  I'm not going to get bogged down in details on this issue because I think it's pretty simple. We are all descended from immigrants to this great Nation and we all share that common bound. I will not get into the forced immigration of some, or the arguments over how Native Americans came to be here or their tragic circumstances of the past. Let's go from where we are right now.
  We are a nation of Laws. There are laws in place to convert someone who is a citizen from another country into being a LEGAL member of the USA. Because  we have not secured a border with Mexico, we are and have been getting the refugees from a corrupt situation in that country. We also get terrorists and various other forms of humanity that sneak into Mexico, then through our open border. LETS CLOSE THE BORDER. There's no excuses, there's no "We can't it's to big." let's just start building a wall that should have been built years ago. There's your shovel ready, common sense way to create a truck load of jobs and we can get the very people who snuck in through the open space to help us close it up. Israel did it, so can we. It's time we got back to doing something great instead of sitting around talking and pointing fingers at each other. That can be part of their path to citizenship if they are serious about it.
 While we are closing the border, let's let the ICE agents do their job. 40% of Illegal Immigrants (that's what they are called,not my opinion, FACT!) are here because they're visa's have expired and they just decided to stay.  ICE agents can not talk with these folks even if they are sitting in prison.That's absolutely ridiculous! The biggest problem with immigration is not enforcing the laws already on the book and it's the same with gun control, terrorism, drugs, you name it. We don't need anymore laws, enforce the ones we have, enough already!
There are good people coming here everyday to build a better life for their families, but they are not holding a sign saying that the USA owes them. The good folks will add to our country, our economy and our culture. We don't need one more " the world owes me" type person here, we have way to many as it is. We should build an airplane out of all the signs the read "America owes us" or whatever that idiocy was, stick the sign holders in the aircraft and see how far into the Mexican wilderness we can send that baby. There ya go amigos, a free plane trip, you're now paid in full.

Monday, July 1, 2013

NSA: Nosy Snooping Administration Part 2 : Leggo my Info

 My second article on this debacle. Why there is a debate still going on about keeping this spying program intact is beyond me. Every revelation about this from the government just screams at me to end it. Here's another post for Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram.

                                       NSA: Nosy Snooping Administration Part II  Leggo my Info
 I really wanted to move on to the next subject. I tried to get out but they pulled me back in! I stand by my point in the first column on the NSA, the collection of data on people's cell phones should stop. It will not end there, to paraphrase myself. This is after my debate with Will Roberts on his weekly pod cast, he had good points but I'm sticking to my guns, the NRA would love that!
 I have also listened to the defenders of this program, they are of varying political ideologies and the President has been vigorously stating his case on this. There were times when I found myself willing to soften my stance. I do believe the government should keep us safe, that's one of the top 2 reasons it exists, you can debate the other one amongst yourselves. But the more I listened, the more reasons the defenders of this gross violation of privacy gave me to add to my list that it should stop immediately.
  I kept hearing that what this Snowden guy leaked compromised our nation's security. If that's true, which I can believe it is, then why continue with the info gathering from the cell phones? The cover is blown! Have you ever seen a movie where the undercover agent's identity is revealed to the gang/mob he's infiltrated? Usually the compromised agent leaves that situation as quick as possible, most of the time taking the gang leader's girlfriend with him or he doesn't go back if he finds out they know who he is while he's outside the gang. I know, why doesn't the NSA track the people outside the USA who suddenly canceled their Verizon contracts as soon as this stuff hit the fan?
 Oh and by the way, this Snowden guy was in training when he was given "the keys to the kingdom". When I heard this, my stance solidified and my brain squirmed. The fact the government told us this really baffles me. I'm supposed to feel safer knowing Snowden was a newbie, so don't blame Big Brother? I guess Snowden had not been indoctrinated yet. This is why it is dangerous to let the government gather to much info on it's citizens, you never know who has the control over that information and what they will do with it.
 The fact is, if the government agencies that are supposed to protect us would communicate with each other better, instead of worrying about who gets the credit for thwarting a plot, the need to spy on innocent people would not exist. This was the original intent of The Patriot Act, but it got bastardized and misused. We can be safe and keep our privacy at the same time. All we must do is get the politics and politically correct crap out of protecting our citizens.