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Brian T Shirley
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Friday, August 23, 2013

RACISM: Is there a cure?

After another heated debate in Will Robert's Weekly Telegram Broadcast, I was fuming. I still am after some of the responses I received from the post you're about to read. I know there's no cure for something that's not a disease, but if I can get us to a better debate on the subject, it may help.

  Truth Be Told: RACISM: Is There a Cure?
 I went over the definition of RACISM in my last post "Are You A Republican? Then You're A RACIST?". Basically it's looking at someone of a different race than yours and seeing them as inferior or even superior. This is also true if you fell yourself superior or inferior to other people because of YOUR race. All the crap you here about someone having to be part of the race that controls the military or the means to production, jobs, economic opportunity, etc. are the only one's who can be racists is absolute idiocy. The people in power can be jerks because they discriminate according to race, which has happened and no doubt still happens in this country. But that does not mean they are the only racists. Until all races understand this basic FACT, it will be hard for us to sit at the table of humanity and have honest discourse about this subject. We all have equal opportunity when it comes to being or not being RACISTS.
Now, let's say everyone finally gets some common sense and we can agree on the definition of RACISM, then we move forward hopefully. Seeing people of a different race differently is a part of human nature. That is not inherently bad or evil, just a fact. There are different characteristics to each race, that is also a fact. Not all the folks of a particular race act entirely the same either, that's a fact as well. We are all humans and have our own individual ways of dealing with outside stimulus. Yet, we have a lot more in common across the board, than we have that we don't understand about each other. The fear or negative feeling towards one of another race comes from this lack of understanding. The fact that the people of one race put ups walls to discourage people of other races understanding them does not help either. I'll use myself as an example.
 My father left my mother, my infant brother and myself when I was around 5 and half years old. I did not see him again until I was eighteen. It was painful growing up without a father. I told myself, I would never do that to my children and I haven't. Well, I don't have kids, so that's pretty easy, but my brother has 2 kids. He's a great father and married his wife BEFORE they had any children and is still with her. It's called a FAMILY, wow, how about that. Now, I don't understand how the black community is this country has nearly 70% of homes without a father in them. Why? Because it's been going on for generations, they rap and sing about it, yet they don't do a damn thing to correct it. They just keep on producing kids and who cares who's the "Baby's daddy" is, they don't need a man in the house anyway. Then these women raise boys who never become men and the process starts all over again.
Does it make me a RACIST because I'm white and I don't get why this happens in the black community?  Whatever you think, these are honest feelings that I have taken from facts and facts can't be RACIST! There is not enough room in this column to cover this subject in depth in just one post, maybe not even a hundred posts. I don't think there's a pill or an operation to cure something that happens naturally, but that then can turn bad, or even into evil, if nurtured and encouraged. However, I do think we can and have at points, go further into bringing the races together here in the USA. We can start to do it by being honest we each other and honest with ourselves. We can do it better at the grass roots level, because HONESTLY, the self proclaimed leaders of some of the movements that pro port to advance people of a certain race, only seek to divide the races for their own gain. I know this is not and never will be a perfect world. But, Truth Be Told, if we start to look at each other as being from the HUMAN RACE first, and look at everything else as secondary, that could take us a long way.
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