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Brian T Shirley
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Know You Are But What Am I?!!

 The latest post for my column in The Weekly Telegram. It's been a rough week as far as being attacked for what I believe is right for the country. You can read the comments on a post here on my blog from a post a few weeks ago, then I was told on LinkedIn that the article you are about to read lacked sincerity because I did not use examples on how folks on the right attack people on the left. I welcome the comments from either side with positive or negative feedback. All I ask is keep it civil. Thanks!!

                             Truth Be Told: I know You Are, But What Am I?!!
 I feel like I'm shouting at a wall sometimes when I write these posts or appear on the "Pros & Con's" segment each week on The Weekly Telegram.  Here's my short and sweet points in the column this week, then I will expound. If we the people, the politicians and the media would operate our dialogues from points of truth with no name calling, the country could get back on the right track. This is what Will Roberts, myself and others are trying to accomplish here at The Weekly Telegram. I urge as many people as possible to join us in this endeavor.  It's very simple, if you have to change or edit a sound bite to fit your point of view, then your point of view is a LIE! This has been done by several media outlets on very big news stories and they've been caught red handed. Now, the people who want these stories slanted to suit their ideology stood by and defended these media outlets. They should be ashamed. They care more for their mindset than they do this country. This is a big problem which keeps us divided.
 Here's a perfect example of why there's so much hate and bickering out there. I went to the Face Book page for my radio station, Kinetic Hi Fi, that is where my radio program The BTS Radio Show originates from and you can hear Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram on there as well. I was going to put up a promotional post about my show when my eye caught something on the page. Another show on Kinetic, The Right Wing Dixie Chicks, had posted a promo for their show and someone had left a comment on their post. Here's what it read and this is the exact post  "Yeah great I want to listen to a bunch of right wing crackpots talk their ignorant racist crap. That's just what I wanted this Thursday afternoon.". I was livid as I had been on their show several times and they are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. They also have had people as guests on their show who happen to be black and gave these people a platform to promote their products, services or shows for FREE! This is exactly what I'm talking about when I say truth and name calling. This guy does not know these ladies and calls them RACIST just because they have the words "Right Wing" in the title of their show. This kind of crap has got to stop, and yes I mean on both sides of the fence, if we are going to have a meaningful dialogue in this country. Do not comment on this post with examples of how people from the right did this as well, I know this to be true, if this is your first reaction then your missing the point and you're part of the problem, look at the title for this post again.
Here's where my frustration really reaches all new heights. When I'm trying to talk with someone about all the bickering going on in politics and they start the dialogue out by saying "Well the TEA BAGGERS, blah, blah, blah......". I say "blah, blah, blah," because that's all I hear after the insult. What sense does it make to begin a conversation about how bad the dialogue concerning politics and ideologies has gotten in this country with name calling  just to make sure you get your hate out there?
 Finally, I would challenge those of you who may be of a different ideology than mine to examine you inner most thoughts and plans. Do you really desire for the USA to be the best it can be and a global leader or do you think we should just be another country on the earth who's at the same level as everyone else. I believe we should strive the be the best in the world because when we are, we help make the world a better place. The USA has helped many of those less fortunate around the globe and we can help more when we get back to our top, peak condition. If you believe we should be average and on equal footing with other nations then I would ask you to leave, we don't need you. Go some where else where excellence is not expected and mediocrity is king.
Truth Be Told: If we look at each other as fellow citizens and strive to make this country the best it can be for EVERYONE, we ALL will prosper in the process.