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Brian T Shirley
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Snowden gets Asylum, USA looses RESPECT!

 The title for my column in Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram is "Truth Be Told".  Here's the latest post, there is an important update since this has posted worldwide to the magazine. President Obama cancelled his meeting one on one with Putin earlier this week which I think was a step towards getting some lost respect back. The problem is, he went on The Tonight Show to talk about it instead of facing the media head on. He knew Jay Leno would lob softballs at him in front of a very pro Obama audience in the studio. Even though his appearance was more than likely scheduled well in advance, The Tonight Show is not the best forum to seriously discuss foreign policy, oh well, he's trying I guess. Here's the post in it's entirety.

  Truth Be Told   Snowden gets Asylum, USA looses RESPECT!
  Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and may have even been offered a job. This news comes at a bad time for the Obama administration as Obama is set to attend a fall summit with Vladimir Putin and threatens all or part of the summit. I don't think this situation should effect the fall summit in the least, after all it's part of a "phony scandal". Why should the White house care? As a matter of fact, the President should meet with Putin in Moscow, excuse himself at some point during the talks, then run out and grab Snowden himself. Now that would make up for Putin making the USA look like a bunch of idiots. After weeks of "pressuring and pleading", "please Vlady, red rover, red rover send Snowden right over!", Putin let Snowden inside and ended the game. In essence, Vladimir took the ball and went home, leaving the Obama administration on the field crying. White House spokesman Jay carney said  " it is not a positive development". Wow, that's telling them Jay, Putin must have spit up his morning coffee, or whatever he drinks, when he read that. After all, these were "clear and lawful requests" made by the White House, how could the Kremlin ignore that?
 Meanwhile, John McCain showed that there are folks in the USA that still have a backbone when he said " The Russians' action is a disgrace and a deliberate effort to embarrass the U.S. It's a slap in the face of all Americans."  This is very close to what we are used to hearing when another country shows us no respect when we are not directly doing anything to antagonize that country. Snowden sat in limbo for a month while Obama ignored the big issues and focused on the Zimmerman case, making remarks that further divided people. He's good at that dividing thing, you have to wonder if he could have done the same with The Red Sea.
The bottom line is The U.S has been losing respect on the world stage for at least 30 years. All the millions and millions of dollars we've sent in aid does us very little good. George Bush sent millions to Africa for the prevention of AIDS and saved untold numbers of lives, yet the Liberals and folks who claim Africa as their homeland above America still hate the guy. Just goes to show no good deed goes unpunished and ignorance is king. There may still be people out there who love America, but our respect has fallen. We've had to many lawyers in the White House and at the top levels of government. They don't talk straight, they try to please everybody and they're so used to lying they don't recognize the truth anymore. Time to kick them and the community organizers out. Quit making our laws confusing, these sleaze bags make money off translating the same damn laws they write when they finally do leave office and sometimes while they're still serving.
The USA needs it's respect back and here's how Obama can do it.
1) Cut funding to Egypt now!
2) Cut aid to countries who threaten our allies, especially those who threaten Israel.
3) Really find out what happened in Benghazi, get the people who killed our citizens, tell the world "Next time we bomb your country until you hand over the perpetrators"
4) DON'T have talks with terrorist groups, don't even act like you will.
5) DON'T mince words, talk straight with everyone, even when the truth is unpopular.
That's just a start. You have to remember that we are in a world where information travels everywhere instantly. Nations all over the world watch us closely, so when the President brushes off real scandals instead of meeting them head on like a true leader, all the world sees that. The Truth be told, we will not get our respect back until someone else is in the White House, no matter what party that person belongs to.