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Brian T Shirley
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Truth Be Told:V.A., Snowden & Benghazi, Oh My!!!

 It's been a while because Will Roberts Weekly Telegram has been down. I have also posted 2 articles in the online magazine "No Strings Attached-E News". They are also posting my web series "BTS On The Road" which follows my life as a comedian on the road. BIG ANNOUCEMENT: I'm going to JAPAN to perform for the troops in JUNE!! More info soon. Take care folks!!

                                    Truth Be Told: V.A., Snowden & Benghazi, Oh My!!!

Truth Be Told: V.A., Snowden, Benghazi, Oh My!!!
 First let's all take a deep breath and pretend we have no allegiance to either side of the political spectrum. For those on the right, hold back the temptation to shout "SEE!!! HE LIES,HE COVERS UP, HE PASSES THE BUCK!!!", relax for a few minutes. For those of you on the left, oh boy, try not to be the mind numbed robots that scream "IT"S GEORGE BUSH'S FAULT" or "RACIST" at anyone who does not see eye to eye with the President. I want everyone to take out their common sense, brush it off and use it for a change.
 First Snowden. He leaked some very, very damaging information about the information gatherers, then fled to a country who once almost had a monopoly on information gathering. Then, the President said that Russia should had over Snowden or they would, umm, be, uh... regretful? No, he would say bad things about Putin. No, maybe said he would sanction the parliament. Shoot, what did happen? AHHH, yes, nothing happened, now I remember. Great leadership folks. If you can't see this was a dismal failure in foreign policy and still is every day this guy sits in Moscow or where ever he is, then take the sheep wool out of your eyes!!
 Then there's that pesky little Benghazi cover-up that went sideways. Four Americans died including an Ambassador, but that doesn't matter. What matters is the integrity and legacy of the administration, especially the President's and any high ranking Democrat running for the Presidency nest. You say, "Brian you not looking at it objectively", I say "B.S.". Here's a simple question for those of you in wool. Why were told when this thing first happened that it was because of a riot about a film disgracing Islam that was released at least 6 months prior to the event? Don't tell me that's what the intelligence reported because that's a lie. Let's go another step further, why would the highest levels of government use this lie as an official announcement even hours or days after they knew it was a lie? The big question is WHO? Who determined that this would be the story to run with in the hopes the truth would not get out? We know why, it was close to an election cycle. You can say again that I'm not objective, but once again you would be a liar because these are facts and facts can't be on one side or the other.
 Lastly the V.A. situation. Basically it's a shame and it reflects poorly on all of us. I have heard horror stories about the V.A. for years. I have not used it's services, I am a veteran, and I'm not sure I would if I can help it. I blame both parties and all leadership for many years now! They know damn well what's going on and if they don't, that's the biggest disgrace of all. You want to see socialized health care in it's near complete form, well here you go. Are you telling me our leadership is and has been so inept they don't know what's going on with the people with who lay down there lives for this country? You want to use this to point you hooves at each other? Shameful, just shameful. What gets me about Obama is he says he's 'Going to be mad" if these allegations are true. That people are going to be held responsible, yeah! How low have we sunk, how low are our standards now? He should be mad NOW, that this could even be suggested. People should have already been dismissed and any cover-up should be punished to the full. This is the worst, the bottom of the barrel and makes me sick. If we don't quit voting for people just because we think they're cool, or attractive, or "progressive" or some other new buzz word with great bumper stickers, this is the kind of crap we will deal with again.
  Truth Be Told: It's time to pay attention to the man behind the curtain!!!