Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Gay Thang!!

From my "Truth Be Told" column. We also debated the Arizona law that was vetoed by the governor that dealt with Gay rights vs. Religious rights, so to speak. The debate between Will Roberts, Johnny Hotshot and myself on the Pros & Cons" segment of Will's Weekly Telegram became quite heated at times. We are now on over 36 stations worldwide with the show and I must imagine we strike a nerve with some folks.

                               Truth Be Told: The Gay Thang
 Yes, I know I spelled 'Thing" wrong, but since you're here, let's go!!
 We now have  basketball and football players who have come out as gay, and may I say from the spots talk shows I've listened to the past month or so on this subject, that there have been gay players is nothing new. That they have come out is new and yes, brave. Now let's look at facts as see where we can go from there.
 I don't believe people should be bullied or picked on because of ANYTHING!! Let me repeat, anything, religion, sexual preference, skin color, weight, etc. Unfortunately this happens. I got picked on a lot as a youngster, I was nerdy, I had a terrible last name for a boy and I tried to do what was right. Not a good combination. The fact is, because I'm a straight, white,Christian male, I should just shrug it off and deal with it. I have so no big deal. Yet, change any aspect of my religion, sexual preference or skin color and I can gain a lot more sympathy towards my behavior in certain situations.
 I'll say it again, because some people forget what they read when you write something they don't agree with. NOBODY should be discriminated against because of religion, sexual preference, skin color, etc. This should be for all people, not certain folks as this is the case a lot in this country. We should have equal rights, not SPECIAL rights!! When people try to force their views or lifestyles on us whomever they are it's wrong! We don't HAVE TO ACCEPT some one's lifestyle, but we should not harass them because of it. This is where I think the GAY AGENDA looses it's way. Yes, I understand you're a minority. Do you? Do you understand that usually a man is attracted to a woman and because you're not you're different. That's not my fault and I don't have to understand it, accept it, teach it to my kids or be subject to sensitivity training about it. I don't, however, have the right to bully or try to make you're life hell because you are different. I also feel marriage is between a man and a woman, should I be castigated because of my view? If you do and you're gay, then you're a hypocrite. You want me to respect you and you're view on gay marriage, but mine is null and void. Oh, and I'm  homophobic. RIDICULOUS!! At the same time, I don't think the government, should have a say in the matter either way. That's between, GOD and the 2 people who want to be joined in Holy Matrimony, so there, surprise!! 
 These athletes, if capable, should be able to compete without a fear of what will happen in the locker room. But at the same time, they must understand that their team mates do not have to accept their life outside the game. When we as a society can respect each other equally and tolerate our differences, we will truly be civilized. This is not the case with some groups who only see their side of things and refuse to see the people who have never harassed them or the people who have stood up for them, even thought they may not agree with their lifestyle.
Truth be told, in the end, you get the respect you give.