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Brian T Shirley
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Putin Puts it to Obama and the West of the World!!

Here's the post I submitted for my column "Truth Be Told" in The Weekly Telegram, it should be up soon, but you folks can see it first. I know the situation has accelerated since I wrote the post, but I did find my comments were close to what other people were saying. I want people to know, these are my own opinions, I wrote this before I heard or read any comments about the crisis, thanks.

               Truth Be Told: Putin is Puttin it to Obama and the West of the World
I know the situation in the Ukraine is not a laughing matter, but I was amused watching the changing headlines on AOL as this event unfolds. When things started really going downhill and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev last month, I was watching the news. First, Obama said for Putin not to interfere in the situation or there would be consequences. Nothing concrete or specific, just "Consequences". The next headline about Russia relayed that Putin was going to his Parliament to seek permission to use force in the Ukraine. Obama's headline did not change, just the good old "Consequences" and nothing more. Then the headline for Putin changed to read that he had gotten permission to use what ever force he thought necessary and it was a unanimous vote by the way. Still, "Consequences" from Obama and nothing more. Putin went in and now the stress level is very high, but on who?
Putin made quick calculated decisions, weighed pros and cons without testing the wind or putting together a task force. Whether you like him or not, he's a strong leader who does what he think's is best in his country's interest and does not seem to car what Obama says. They had a 90 minute phone conversation at some point during this incident in the Ukraine and what ever Obama said did not deter Putin.
What ever sanctions the West may put on Putin's Russia can be made up by signing deals with other countries or at least, that's what the Russian's are counting on.
Didn't Obama have strong words for Putin when Snowden scampered off to Russia? Where's Snowden now? HMMMMMM...
 I don't think force would be the answer in this case and I'm sick of war myself anyway. Strong leadership and someone who can build bridges with people he may not see eye to eye with is what's needed here. We don't have that in this man, Obama, who's are President for now. He's great at leading people who believe in him, terrible at gathering support from folks who don't. He talks down to people whom he perceives may not agree with him. That's a horrible way for a 'Leader" to act and does not instill confidence. His blind followers will never see this, but even people on the fence about him have to admit he's more of a divider that someone who brings people together. Truth Be Told, RESPECT can be a better deterrence than words or force sometimes!