Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
Jokers Wild, Atlantis Resort

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Terrorists, the highest form of bullies, the lowest form of life!!

          Truth Be Told: Terrorists, the highest form of bullies, the lowest form of life!!
  In one of my earlier columns and on The Weekly Telegram's 'Pros & Cons" segment I have stated how I believe terrorism is the ultimate level of bullying. Terrorists and bullies use the same methods. Fear and intimidation. They prey on the weak and weak minded. That's not where the similarities end. It's why they do what they do that is also similar. It's about power and getting what they want, even when it's WRONG! Sometimes it seems, the more EVIL the deed, the harder they push to have someone blow themselves up for it. We all know the leaders of these organizations are the worst. They recruit people to kill themselves while they sit back and praise Allah. If Allah is good then they're praising the wrong guy, they need to look the other way, down that is.
 Will Roberts asked me and Johnny Hotshot recently on his show, which stories we thought were the most under reported of 2013. A very tough question that Will and Johnny gave very good answers to. My answer was the story of the 16 year old girl shot by these terrorist pigs because she wanted to get an education. I know it was covered a lot, but there should have been more in my opinion. The news media should have covered every single angle and opinion about this story to embarrass the cowards who carried out this attempt on a little girls life. What kind of  "Man" or "Men" shoot a little girl in the head, on purpose, because she wants to learn? This for a "Religion"? This is a 'Good God" that commands this? No, like I said earlier, it's the other guy, the one with the horns. She should have got the Nobel Peace Prize, by the way. That just shows how much of a farce that "Prize" has become, it's all political now. Maybe it always was and never really meant anything to begin with.
I bring this subject up because of the recent threats to the Winter Olympics. So far, so good. I think the Russians have done more damage to their own event than the terrorists could do anyway. The fact that people are there and enjoying the festivities as much as possible is a triumph over the terrorist cowards. They're also like gangs and bullies in the fact that they aren't that bright either. They keep putting out their stupid threats, suicide bummers and all the rest without even realizing the fortitude that is being forged against them. Every single act they perpetrate just helps to reinforce the wall of shame they are building around themselves. They are wrong, they are evil and they are losing. The way they conduct themselves screams out "Wicked"! Truth Be Told, the methods of the terrorist will ensure their own failure!!