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Brian T Shirley
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Rich Get Richer...AND WE LET THEM!!

I'm putting this post out BEFORE it's in my syndicated column "Truth Be Told" because I think it's that important. I also had a conversation with my fellow Comedian/Film Maker Amaru Lewis after watching his movie (He wrote, shot, edited, narrated, etc) "Annie Was A Liar: The Truth About Being In Foster Care" and it seemed to me that this post could be tied in to what we had discussed. I will expound on The BTS Radio Show Wednesday, March 26th. If you can listen live, I'll post the archive and the show on Spreaker when it's available.

                         Truth Be Told: The Rich Get Richer.....and WE LET THEM!!!
As someone who grew up in a broken home, had a mother who at one time was on food stamps, lived in my grandparents basement for a short while, I have seen the poor side of the fence very close up. I know there's folks out there who've had it far worse and I don't want to get into a comparison war, I'm just qualifying my poverty status. I've also struggled recently, as many have, in this stubbornly sluggish economy.
 For a good part of my life I fell into the "hate the rich" and "woe is me" mindset that so many poor and lower class (economically) people have everywhere in the world. I now believe this very mindset keeps these people where they are forever. This is what we saw with the 'Occupy Wall Street" movement. I can identify with their frustration, but, I never understood their mindless ramblings however, and their ignorance defeated their own movement.
 Crying, whining, acting like trash and stealing are not ways to get the rich to change their ways and come off with some dough. All these activities do is make the snobs say to themselves, "There you have it, a bunch of savages who can't even form coherent thoughts!!". No, I believe now there are other ways to turn the tables and WE do have the power to do it. Alas, I feel there are many whom even if they understood this, would not make the life changes necessary to carry out an economic revolution.
The change many were looking for in electing Obama was from the outside, they never bothered to look within. These people weren't going to change horrible spending habits ($2000 rims and a $1000 stereo system on a car worth $1500), they expected someone else to change the rules, the game, the field or what ever it took for them to get "Theirs" without working for it! They were not about to focus on education, hard work, sacrifice, goals or putting together an economic plan. It's taken me a while to figure out that it really is up to me, I have to be the change I want to see.
 The rich stay rich because we let them. These poor fools don't sacrifice for a better way of life, they sacrifice for a pair of $300 shoes or a big screen TV. They don't think about who gets their money! These idiots buy the yachts, condos and Islands for the greedy ones while standing out in the streets making nonsensical speeches and talking on their $200 cell phones.
  The rich folks could help out the situation by supporting independent, family owned businesses, giving back to the communities they grew up in by building new stadiums for dilapidated schools or sponsoring a segment on my radio program The BTS Radio Show! (Hey, I have to eat too!).
 How do we take back some of the wealth in this country and grow our middle class again? It's really very easy. Support your fellow man!! Help the little guy out, support those family owned restaurants when you hear of one opening in your area. Stop giving money to the well known national brands, explain to your kids it's cooler to support folks like yourselves instead of the people who already have 3 houses. (I know that's a tough one). Think about the economic impact you, your friends and family could have if you stopped buying from a brand who does not treat it's employees fairly. If a company is found to pay it's workers poorly, never gives raises, cuts it's losses buy firing people instead of not taking huge bonuses for it's CEOs, let's put there GREEDY, NON-WEALTH SHARING ASSES out of business. If a company's CEOs, owners, board of directors, etc. invest or stick their money in overseas accounts QUIT BUYING THEIR PRODUCT.
Truth Be Told, when we reward people who are greedy, we can't complain about a bunch of greedy rich folks!!