Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I can't take the double standard anymore! The Paula Deen fallout.

 Here's my post on Huffington posts' "Black Voices". I'm sure some people will see it as racist and to those people I say, dig down. Dig down and seek the truth. I'm a white straight male, so I'm seen as a racist right out of the gate by a lot of people. I've been assaulted by blacks when I was a child visiting relatives in New York, all because I walked into the wrong neighborhood with my cousin. I've been told "Cracker, we gonna rob you" while delivering pizza.  In the same neighborhood as the cracker remark, I had a group of black thugs beat my car with a pipe or something right after I had delivered a pizza and then jumped in my car. Had I not made it in the vehicle, I may not be here right now. The cops told me, "We'll never catch them", so I had to pay the deductible on $1500 damage they did to my car.

 I was at a comedy club and the comedian headlining was a friend of mine who happened to be black. He asked me to hang out and watch his show for the urban crowd, after I had done my show for the mainstream crowd. It was a midnight show he was doing, the crowd was all black, except for me. I stood in the back to watch him, as he had invited me to and just because of my skin color I was called all kinds of names.

 All this and I can't stand the 'N" word. My mother raised us not to use it. It sucks when anyone of any color says it, with the "er" or the 'a" it does not matter! Here's my post!

If a white person uses the "N" word they loose their job. If a black rapper says the "N" his CD sales skyrocket, this is a new kind of racism, selective racism. We will be done with racism only when this double standard does not exist anymore. To say to one race of people that there are certain words you can't say that another race can say is childish!  The same thing to happen to anyone who uses the "N" word, whether it end in "er" or 'a", no matter what their skin color. The people who act like what the definition of the "N" word is are the reason it still exists and has power. Get rid of them and you solve a big part of the problem. Get people who have been on welfare for generations off of it, quit having kids out of wedlock and raise the children you have correctly so they can be decent citizens instead of pieces of garbage!