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Brian T Shirley
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Monday, July 1, 2013

NSA: Nosy Snooping Administration Part 2 : Leggo my Info

 My second article on this debacle. Why there is a debate still going on about keeping this spying program intact is beyond me. Every revelation about this from the government just screams at me to end it. Here's another post for Will Roberts' Weekly Telegram.

                                       NSA: Nosy Snooping Administration Part II  Leggo my Info
 I really wanted to move on to the next subject. I tried to get out but they pulled me back in! I stand by my point in the first column on the NSA, the collection of data on people's cell phones should stop. It will not end there, to paraphrase myself. This is after my debate with Will Roberts on his weekly pod cast, he had good points but I'm sticking to my guns, the NRA would love that!
 I have also listened to the defenders of this program, they are of varying political ideologies and the President has been vigorously stating his case on this. There were times when I found myself willing to soften my stance. I do believe the government should keep us safe, that's one of the top 2 reasons it exists, you can debate the other one amongst yourselves. But the more I listened, the more reasons the defenders of this gross violation of privacy gave me to add to my list that it should stop immediately.
  I kept hearing that what this Snowden guy leaked compromised our nation's security. If that's true, which I can believe it is, then why continue with the info gathering from the cell phones? The cover is blown! Have you ever seen a movie where the undercover agent's identity is revealed to the gang/mob he's infiltrated? Usually the compromised agent leaves that situation as quick as possible, most of the time taking the gang leader's girlfriend with him or he doesn't go back if he finds out they know who he is while he's outside the gang. I know, why doesn't the NSA track the people outside the USA who suddenly canceled their Verizon contracts as soon as this stuff hit the fan?
 Oh and by the way, this Snowden guy was in training when he was given "the keys to the kingdom". When I heard this, my stance solidified and my brain squirmed. The fact the government told us this really baffles me. I'm supposed to feel safer knowing Snowden was a newbie, so don't blame Big Brother? I guess Snowden had not been indoctrinated yet. This is why it is dangerous to let the government gather to much info on it's citizens, you never know who has the control over that information and what they will do with it.
 The fact is, if the government agencies that are supposed to protect us would communicate with each other better, instead of worrying about who gets the credit for thwarting a plot, the need to spy on innocent people would not exist. This was the original intent of The Patriot Act, but it got bastardized and misused. We can be safe and keep our privacy at the same time. All we must do is get the politics and politically correct crap out of protecting our citizens.