Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The IRS: Irrelevant Redistribution Service

 Let me start this post by informing any U.S. Government employee reading this that I'm not a member of the Tea Party and I believe 100% in everything the Obama administration says and does. There, now that I've covered my rear, on to my right to free speech, supposedly.
 When a Government agency that is as powerful as the IRS gets that " Do as we say and not as we do!" fever, it's time for that entity to be gutted or done away with completely. Officials from the IRS were asked to produce receipts for expenditures on conferences, Star Trek videos and other assorted important government work and could not do it. The IRS official said he was "embarrassed" and sulked away. Could an average or non average U.S. citizen get away with this if found being asked to produce evidence or records to the IRS? I'm sorry Mr. Official, I can't find any of the receipts for what you're asking , I'm embarrassed. Can I go now? Yeah, right. All the new revelations about what's been going on with this agency has the people who wanted said organization gone, now seeing purple. People who had little trust in the IRS now have none.
 I thought the goal or job of the IRS was to gather people's taxes so the money could be redistributed to different government programs and eventually back to the public on the form of government services. You know, public schools, libraries, the military and unwed mothers who are to tired to work. Now, it seems, they grant or don't grant certain tax status to groups of people according to their political leanings. Then they redistribute the taxes they have gathered, first, to themselves in the form of lavish parties and idiotic videos. all the while putting the screws to folks who work their tails off. Oh, by the way, this is the government agency that will be in charge of implementing The Affordable Health care act, yet, Obama Care has nothing to do with raising your taxes. Do you smell something? What are they redistributing now?
 No matter what political persuasion you are, if you can't see this is government at it's worst then you're just a hack without reason. The tax code needs to be simplified, that's just common sense. The size and scope of this agency must be reduced, not increased. Finally, we need, as a country, to take a good look at some of the things our taxes pay for and just cut some of them out. Let's get the money and programs to folks who truly need it. Even Robin Hood himself would take a look at this situation and say "Time to go Little John, we're out of here!".