Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stuck in the middle!

 Will Roberts, known as America's foremost Will Roger's tribute artist, among other great accomplishments, gave me a call after I had sent him a testy email. I had listened to one of his pod casts that had got me steamed enough to respond to him personally.  I had interviewed Will in the past and spoke with him a few times through emails and a phone call or two and felt I could unload a little on him and keep it professional. His call about 20 minutes after my email did alarm me a little and when I found out who it was on the other end, I did tense up a bit. Not only was Will not upset at my critical email, he invited me to send him a post once a week for his "Weekly  Telegram". Damn near blew my mind, here's my first post.

 Is there anyone down the center politically anymore?

From what I hear coming out of Washington DC , all forms of news media and the golden voices of our precious celebrities is you on one side or the other. This leaves little ground for common sense, which exists in the middle. You can't call yourself open minded while you insult, denigrate and put labels on people who don't agree with your point of view.

Common sense left that side of the fence a long time ago. Conversely, you can't block every piece of legislation that comes up just because your guy is not the President and say you're acting in a bipartisan way.

Once again C.S. (Common Sense) says "See ya later Sammy!". Where is C.S. to go?

The middle has become such a thin line, from all we hear from the above mentioned sources, C.S. must have to balance in his/hers tippy toes.

I think it's perception myself. It's what all those folks with mouths open spouting their point of view from deep in the safety of their ideological confines want us who work and live in the day to day "Real" world to believe.

There's two sides and you pick one or you're worthless, they both seem to shout. I've been on both sides and swing back and forth on the issues some times. Now folks can call me a fence sitter, but there's some yard left between the two big fences if you jump off and look.

I will not be labeled by either side anymore. Just because I don't believe in gay marriage, doesn't mean I hate gays or want to take away or limit their rights. That's ridiculous!  I also believe God will judge people and their actions and it's not my place to say who's going to Heaven or Hell. Now I pissed some Christians off, of which I'm one. This is just a tiny example as to why I'm sick of both sides a lot of the time. I don't have to be in one yard or the other, I'm to complex for that.

You can't pit me in a box with a label on it and say " Done, where's the next one?". I'll leap out of the box, grab C.S. and jump back in the middle where I belong for however long I want to stay there.

The person decides what he or she's ideology is, what group or individuals they like or dislike, not the other way around. I'm stuck in the middle with C.S, we have a sign that reads "No P.C., want to join us?"

Brian T Shirley