Brian T Shirley

Brian T Shirley
Jokers Wild, Atlantis Resort

Friday, July 12, 2013

Immigration Reform: How about Immigration Enforcement?

  I'm not going to get bogged down in details on this issue because I think it's pretty simple. We are all descended from immigrants to this great Nation and we all share that common bound. I will not get into the forced immigration of some, or the arguments over how Native Americans came to be here or their tragic circumstances of the past. Let's go from where we are right now.
  We are a nation of Laws. There are laws in place to convert someone who is a citizen from another country into being a LEGAL member of the USA. Because  we have not secured a border with Mexico, we are and have been getting the refugees from a corrupt situation in that country. We also get terrorists and various other forms of humanity that sneak into Mexico, then through our open border. LETS CLOSE THE BORDER. There's no excuses, there's no "We can't it's to big." let's just start building a wall that should have been built years ago. There's your shovel ready, common sense way to create a truck load of jobs and we can get the very people who snuck in through the open space to help us close it up. Israel did it, so can we. It's time we got back to doing something great instead of sitting around talking and pointing fingers at each other. That can be part of their path to citizenship if they are serious about it.
 While we are closing the border, let's let the ICE agents do their job. 40% of Illegal Immigrants (that's what they are called,not my opinion, FACT!) are here because they're visa's have expired and they just decided to stay.  ICE agents can not talk with these folks even if they are sitting in prison.That's absolutely ridiculous! The biggest problem with immigration is not enforcing the laws already on the book and it's the same with gun control, terrorism, drugs, you name it. We don't need anymore laws, enforce the ones we have, enough already!
There are good people coming here everyday to build a better life for their families, but they are not holding a sign saying that the USA owes them. The good folks will add to our country, our economy and our culture. We don't need one more " the world owes me" type person here, we have way to many as it is. We should build an airplane out of all the signs the read "America owes us" or whatever that idiocy was, stick the sign holders in the aircraft and see how far into the Mexican wilderness we can send that baby. There ya go amigos, a free plane trip, you're now paid in full.