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Brian T Shirley
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Friday, June 6, 2014

B.B. Comes Home

 A new post from my "Truth Be Told" column in Will Robert's Weekly Telegram about Bowe Bergdahl. This is an amazing circus act to watch these days, politics that is.

                            Truth Be Told: B.B. Comes Home

  In a surprising and super secret move, so secret Congress didn't know about it, Obama does a Five-For-One swap. I guess it's one way to get rid of some enemy combatants from Guantanamo Bay. The President promised he would close it, now all he needs is some more Americans to be held hostage and he get rid of some more. This may have been a bad move politically, but it will not hurt Obama. I could be wrong, but it seems nothing hurts this President or his reputation. Even when he's so transparently wrong it's plain to everyone, he is and will not be held accountable for anything. It's the Republicans, George Bush or Donald Duck's fault. How dare you say this man can make a mistake? The only mistake he can make is not going far enough to the left with his policies or programs. They can criticize their own, but no one else is allowed.
 Now back to Bowe, the wayward soldier. It is becoming more and more clear that he wandered away from camp, after becoming disillusioned with the mission, and fell into enemy hands somehow. It's also being reported that lives were lost looking for this man, which is shameful. Those dead men, their blood is on Bergdahl's hands if any of this is true. I'll repeat it, if this soldier did indeed desert his post and men died looking for him, that is his fault. I don't care where you stand on this issue, if you can't admit this is the case, then you're a traitor to the truth.
 I was always in support of getting Bergdahl back. I feel if a soldier is captured or leaves on his own, he is still property of The U.S. Government and should be retrieved. I heard people saying, "He's a traitor, leave him there", and that to me is unacceptable. Let's get him back and get the full story, then call him what he is. We really look weak as a nation when we leave our people in enemy hands for five years, let them desert or let them seek refuge in foreign countries after they have broken our laws. I believe this to be true, no matter who is the President. 
  I'm glad he's back either way. We will now get the full story hopefully. We at least have a better chance at it now that B.B. is in our hands rather than theirs. I don't agree with the way it was done, but there's nothing to be done about it, Obama will do as he pleases. Gone are the days we send in some elite troops to get our people and make the enemy look stupid, I'm guessing. When Reagan traded arms for hostages he got raked over the coals and still does about it. Obama is the first black president and he's cool, so no problem man!!
  Truth Be Told: Bowe Bergdahl may be home, but he may not be free!!